Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Your Life Worthy of Spiritual Attack?

Spiritual attack is something that is a part of the life of all true believers. Someone once said that if you are not being attacked then you should take a good hard look at your life and ask yourself why.

Our material self wants to live an easy life. It wants a life free of stress, hurt, pain, financial difficulties, etc. It feels relief when the attack ends.

However if this time of peace goes on too long we should question why. What are we doing, or not doing, that is causing the evil one to take his roaming eye off of us. Does he already have us? Are we not worthy of his attention?

Yahshua tells us that He was persecuted and attacked and that as His followers we should expect the same. So rather than be angry or surprised by attacks we should understand that it goes with the territory. It also gives us a sure sign that we are standing strong in YHWH. That the evil one is trying to bring us down so we no longer stand strong and do the work of YHWH. He wants us out of the game.

These days my husband and I are taking many deep sighs. Just getting through. Hanging on the words in the Word and trusting Him with all of our being. It's the only thing we have right now. Sometimes the attacks are so vicious and strong that it seems we can't even breathe. We certainly can't sleep. One thing that's keeping us strong is knowing that the evil one only attacks like this when the people he is attacking are causing him trouble.

So, knowing that, we will keep doing what we are doing and trust YHWH that He will make all things turn for good and will right all wrongs. We will continue to trust and obey, through all of the storms that come our way.

Thank You YHWH for protection and your amazing work in our lives. Thank You for keeping us strong in You. Thank You for showing us Your will so we have a path to follow, no matter how many stones are in our way.

Please bless our work for You. Let us continue to show the true path to others. Let us continue to show Your light to expose the evil of paganism in the church and help true believers turn away from that paganism.

Helping others see the truth makes all of "this" worthwhile. Thank You!