Thursday, May 5, 2011

Response to a Posting....

This blog posting is a response to someone who nicely asked me a question as to my beliefs about who is true Israel. I appreciated that the person was decent about it because most are not.

Thanks. Most people just want to label me but I'm not able to be labeled. I don't belong to any movement or organization. About 4 years ago I got on my knees and begged Yahweh to show me His truth no matter what. That no matter what He showed me I would obey Him. He has opened one door of truth after another and as long as I keep faithful then He keeps opening those doors.

I think some in the Christian Identity movement could be called neo-nazi but some others have been labeled that erroneously. It's easy to pin a label on someone and really not fair to them. I've been called Nazi and worse but it's by people who don't want to get to know who I am and what I stand for.

When I was given this information a few months ago I was appalled and so angry that we, Christians, have been so lied to and so deceived. We talk about the NWO but don't really know who is running it because we don't search out the truth. We take things at face value - so naive - just like the sheep that Yahshua talks about. We see the names of the bankers, the wall street firms, the people in our government but we don't put two and two together on who they are. Many of our great leaders in the past knew who they were and fought to keep them out of our country and out of our leadership but they came anyway.

I have always been a person who stands up for the truth no matter what. If just one person gets it then it is worth the abuse to me.

Christians are following a very dangerous doctrine these days - at least most of them are. I mean think about it, all through Yahweh's word He constantly talks about a remnant. A small portion that belongs to Him. If the majority thinks something is right that should be a red flag to any Christian. The path is narrow, the narrow gate, etc. Yahshua saying I don't know you even though you've done things in My Name. All of those are strong hints that many so-called Christians are not making the grade. There is a wolf in sheep's clothing and the church is calling it God's chosen when it truly is God's enemy. The current church is all about love, love, love. I'm just heartbroken thinking about how little love they are going to get from Him when He stands and says, I don't know you because they clung to unrighteous doctrine rather than seeking out the hard truth.

I hate this. I truly do. I was happy following my feel good doctrine but I knew something wasn't right. That's when I asked Him to show me the truth and promised Him that no matter what I would follow Him. This has been a hard and terrible path. I've lost friends and family. I'm sad a lot - over them and over people I don't even know on the Internet because they so stubbornly hold onto their doctrine and time is so short.

Yahweh has been good to my husband and I. He continually shows us that we are on the right path. Just night before this He gave me a confirmation dream, one of several He has given to both my husband and I. He gives us direction all of the time and we so appreciate Him.

One key thing to remember is that labels are put on people, usually by people who have secrets to hide. They use names like neo-nazi, words like conspiracy theory, to belittle their enemy. To hide the truth. An interesting thing to research is who came up with the name anti-semite and why. It was done to keep the church in line with their plan, so the church would help them with the plan to destroy Christians. And the church happily went along with it. If you are interested I can tell you exactly where to find the information in their own literature, encyclopedia, etc. It's not hard to find but Christians are so much like sheep going along with their doctrine that they don't even have to hide their hate for us. It's in plain sight and we just don't care. BTW - if many Christian are true Israel then it is we who are Semites - from the line of Shem - not them. Another thing we have allowed them to steal from us. Our birthright, our name, our title as God's Chosen People.

My beliefs in a nutshell. Israel - all twelve tribes (according to the Scriptures - for one check out James 1:1) - were dispersed. They went from Assyria and Babylon and were absorbed into Medo-Persia then into Greece. Remember these were not the small countries they are today but were most of the Middle East that we know today. That's why Paul was sent to the Greeks - some of the dispersed ones there. From there they migrated north and west into Europe. Anglo-Saxon (they were to be called Isaac's sons). They populated most of Europe and then from there, thanks to Great Britain, migrated all over the world; America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. Just like Yahweh promised Abraham in Genesis. Like the stars in the sky and the sand in the sea. A population uncountable. He promised them great wealth and power. He promised Ephraim and Manassah these things and He kept His promise. What hope do we have if He failed on His promises?

We used to send money over to the Israeli state. Not anymore. We know that this isn't about a strip of land in Palestine that is currently occupied primarily by Ashkenazi (Japeth) and Edomite Jews. Not made up by me - all in the historical records including their own encyclopedia and other writings. Now we support and pray for true Israel. Yahweh knows where they are. They are every where there are Anglo-Saxons that trust and obey Yahweh.

As for the other peoples of the world I don't know how they fit into Yahweh's plan. He doesn't really tell us anything except about His sworn enemies. The Book is written to and about Israel. Not about anyone else. The church is following a universal - everyone can be saved - false doctrine. Yahweh doesn't tell us what He has in store for anyone but Israel in our Book.

I would like to meet you as well. I have "met" some wonderful people through the Net and I'm looking forward to some really good conversation in the Kingdom. The Kingdom that is fast approaching.

Get some preps, get some protection but most of all Trust and Obey Him no matter what. War is coming to American soil. American's are not prepared for that. Many will perish. Many hearts will fail because they believe that it isn't going to happen here. We're supposed to be raptured out or at least it will happen way over there in the ME. Most of Israel is smack dab in the middle of North America. Russia and China have their missiles aimed right at the heart of Israel. I saw them in my dream and they are going to be headed this way. Only those who trust Him and obey Him no matter what will have a chance.

Lastly, I am not smarter than you are. Not a chance. The only thing I did was believe Yahshua when He said "Ask and you shall receive" and I asked for the truth. Anyone can do what I did and He will honor your request.