Friday, December 17, 2010

Coming Out of Organized Religion

An acquaintance of mine just announced that she was proud to have come out of the Protestant religion and joined Catholicism instead. She said that she is much happier now. I asked her if she had ever read the book by Dr. Alexander Hislop called "The Two Babylons". She wasn't interested in hearing about it at all. She was perfectly happy in her new religion.

For anyone who has not read The Two Babylons I highly recommend it. In it he shows the roots of religion today; where it came from and how it was developed. How so many of the traditions that we hold near and dear in our religious life stem from ancient Babylon under Nimrod. That today must of the "church" is following the traditions, not of Yahweh/God of the Bible, but of Satan and his followers.

Religion today is man made and Satan based. When a religion that we choose to belong keeps pagan festivals, refuses to keep Yahweh's set apart Feast times and Sabbaths, then we can only conclude that the evil one is the one truly being worshiped.

I was at a gathering yesterday and someone asked me how I was doing getting ready for christmas. I simply said, we don't keep christmas in our house. She looked at me with wide eyes and said, oh I didn't know you were Jewish. No, I replied. I'm not Jewish. I just follow the Bible and what it says about it. Subject dropped.

In my experience, people just do not want to know the truth. I don't understand that way of thinking. I want to know the truth more than anything. The bible says in John 8:32 "and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

The problem with knowing the truth is that once you know the truth you now have to act. You have the choice to either obey or disobey. It seems that most people just want to hide their heads in the sand and not know, thinking that not knowing they can just keep doing what they are doing with no consequence. Problem is with that thinking is that they will be held accountable anyway. We are expected to read His Word and know what He wants from us and to obey. Saying we didn't know is just not going to work with the Almighty Creator.

Organized religion is Satan's way of deceiving the masses. They are drugged by church services into thinking they are saved and going to heaven. My heart aches knowing that the Day is coming where those thousands and millions are going to finally know the truth and the truth, rather than setting them free, will no longer do that, but will commit them to an eternity without Yahweh. I just want people to wake up and know the truth of His Word. Read it. Over and over again. And if the church that you attend practices any of the pagan traditions that Yahweh states in His Word that He hates, get out of there as fast as you can.

Please wake up. We are in the final time of this earth and time is short. Your time to start obeying Him is almost past. Wake up and look at the world around you. See what is going on. The Bible commands us to "Watch". Many times when referring to the end of days it commands us to watch. When you watch, you know the time you are in.

If you want some good Bible reading here is a list to start you off:

Matthew 24 and 25
All of the minor prophets

Read those and then tell me you don't think you need to obey Yahweh right now - today! One day it will be too late. I pray that you have ears to hear before that day comes.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends....

Some of you will already know of this, some won't. Some I have been trying to warn for awhile about this stuff. The most important thing for all of us is our eternity with Yahweh. Nothing on this earth compares to that. If we are true believers of Yahweh's (God's) Word - the Bible - then we must believe ALL of it. Not just pick and choose what we want out of it, but the WHOLE Word of God.

When you read the Bible beginning to end you get a pretty clear picture of Yahweh's plan. In Matthew 5:17 - 19 Yahshua/Jesus tells that until all is finished and the heaven and earth pass away we are to keep/learn/listen to the Torah and the Prophets. Why? Because it will save our lives in the end. The prophets all speak of The Day of Yahweh/Day of the Lord or Adonai. I just read Joel last night and the entire book speaks of that great and terrible day at the end of time on earth. It also gives hope for those who are true believers in Him. Joel 2:32 At that time, whoever calls on the Name of Yahweh will be saved.

All of the prophets speak of the Acharit-hayamin - the time of the end or the end days. This is the time we are in right now.

I have a big problem with most churches these days and so does Yahweh. How do I know that? Because He says so. Jeremiah when writing about the end days speaks to how Yahweh is angry with the shepherds because the sheep are lost. The shepherds are not teaching the flocks how to get through these great and terrible days. They are ignoring it. And the sheep are just going along with it. Many, many are going to be lost in these times because they don't even know how to call on the Name. They don't even KNOW the NAME! The Name is not God, or Lord, or Savior, or even Father - those are all titles. His Name is Yahweh. The most amazing Creator God! Yahweh - the Name by which we are saved. When we trust and obey Him - that is our ONLY hope!

I don't know how to get people to wake up to the truth that it is over - the world as we know it. Most times I feel as if I am talking to a wall. My heart is breaking because the people that I love the most just aren't hearing and I'm sure just think I'm going or have gone wacko! Will Yahweh protect you just because I beg Him?

The bible speaks of a time where we will no longer be able - as followers of Yahweh - to work or to do much of anything. Listen to this audio and see if that time is not quickly approaching. As a woman who follows Yahweh's Word and be pure to Him and my husband - how can I possibly fly anymore? I cannot. I cannot go through a body scanner that shows a complete stranger my naked body - a body that only my husband is allowed to see. I cannot possibly go through an invasive body pat down and let a complete and total stranger touch areas on my body that in any other case would be called molestation. That is against Yahweh's commands. So I now have the choice to either drive (for the time being) or not go anywhere. My freedom is being curtailed. All in the name of safety. Peace and safety - security.

The bible in 1Thessalonians 5:3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then suddenly destruction comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape. This is exactly what is being said all over the world right now.

Please listen to the video link at the top of the page. This man has been sounding the warning for awhile now.

Jeremiah 6:17 “And I raised up watchmen over you, and said, ‘Listen to the sound of the ramʼs horn!ʼ But they said, ‘We do not listen.ʼ

Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and guard what is written in it, for the time is near.

Revelation 2:7 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies. To him who overcomes I shall give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of Yahweh.”

Revelation 2:17 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies. To him who overcomes I shall give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I shall give him a white stone, and on the stone a renewed Name written which no one knows except him who receives it.”

There are some who are watchmen on the wall warning in these final days. Will you have an ear to hear? Will you stand up and be a watchmen for Yahweh? Will you simply stand up for the truth. It is not easy to follow Him and do His Will. In fact it is VERY hard just as He tells us it is.

Matthew 7:14 “Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard pressed which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

The Bible is not just words in a book. It is the way to eternal life. It has great wisdom for those who will ask for it.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call out to me, and I will answer you - I will tell you great things. Hidden things of which you are unaware.

Almost daily for the past 5 years Tom and I have asked Yahweh for wisdom, discernment, understanding and knowledge. He has truly blessed us with those things. It has truly narrowed our path though. Our friends are very few anymore and the material things of this world have been taken away. This way truly is hard pressed. It's more difficult than I ever thought it would be. I now know why most people do not choose to be on it. It is hard to give up material wealth and things. Hard to lose friends and family. Hard to struggle every day to get by. However, and this is big - we have a peace that does surpass all understanding. We know without a shadow of a doubt that we are in His will. Nothing compares to that.

This world is quickly passing away and the new one about to begin. Are you holding on so hard to this fading world that you won't be a part of the new one? Are you ready to lose your very life to Him? Are you ready to stand strong against the enemy and stand up for the truth of Yahweh - no matter what?

If you've never read Foxe's Book of Martyr's I strongly suggest it. You can just search for it online and download it free from several sources. Let it give you courage to stand up for the Truth no matter what. To trust and obey Him no matter what it costs you - even it that is your life.

As the apostle Paul said - Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Yahweh, and to die is gain. Either way it was for Yahweh.

I pray that this letter and audio open your ears to hear. I pray that you and your family be safe with Yahweh through the coming storm. I pray that you turn to Him and turn your life completely over to Him even if that costs you everything you have today. Nothing, nothing, that we have in this life is worth it compared to eternity with Yahweh. Turn away from paganism (most churches practice it) in regards to christmas, easter and the other pagan festivals. Yahweh hates pagan festivals. Turn towards Him and His set apart feast days instead. Follow Him instead of doing what you want to do. It's the hard pressed way.

Praying for you to know the truth. And to stand up for it - no matter what.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Well It's That Time Of Year Again

So begins the time of year that I detest! October begins the pagan festival hoopla. Can we just skp forward to January? No, probably not.

Let me say that if you are not a follower of Yahweh, God of the Bible, then I don't care what festival you celebrate. This is only aimed at those who say they are Christians, or followers of the Almighty God.

Some friends of ours recently were convicted to stop celebrating pagan festivals such as halloween and christmas. They posted on facebook to that effect. The backlash against them from their family and friends was to them horrendous. To me, it was expected. People of faith don't like their cherished traditions messed with and if one of their friends isn't doing it anymore that automatically challenges them. My friend didn't even say that his family and friends shouldn't do it either, he just simply said that they were not doing it anymore. That in itself was the challenge.

When I am challenged on something like this I automatically go into inspection mode. I go to the Word of Yahweh and see if the person is onto something that I should know about. I want to be right with Yahweh. I don't want to be following my own path. Sadly, I've found that most people are not like that. When you challenge their traditions they get defensive and very mean.

I posted on my friends post to encourage them and was attacked myself. That's OK I told them because I have thick skin when it comes to this stuff. You get attacked enough for the same stuff over and over and pretty soon it doesn't much matter anymore what someone says to you.

Halloween is a pagan festival. It may be cute little princess costumes today but it is steeped in evil. Human sacrifices to pagan gods and much more. Even the words "trick or treat" have a much deeper meaning. Do you really want to open the door to evil? Even a tiny crack?

Many say that it's not the same festival that it used to be.'s roots are pure evil from satan. How is it that we can take something so evil and turn it into anything good? We can't. In His Word Yahweh warns us over and over and over again to be set apart. To live our lives in a godly manner, staying away from all evil.

Here is an interesting read about this pagan festival:

I pray that Yahweh convicts you and gives you the courage to stand firm in His Word against all of the evils of this world. It is definitely not an easy road but worthwhile.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking Away From Paganism

We humans are interesting creatures. When faced with something that has to be changed and we don't want to change, we will do and say just about anything to avoid the change. We will convince ourselves and attempt to convince others that the change is unnecessary. We will justify with our reasoning why we don't have to change. Or if backed into a corner, we will try to change only some parts and not the whole thing.

Example: I have several friends who know that we don't take part in typical holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter. We don't take part in them because they are pagan festivals going back thousands of years. We don't have anything to do with them because Yahweh says that we should not. The book of Jeremiah in the Bible is full of warnings to the Israelites' not to celebrate pagan festivals.

I have had conversations with these friends, explaining the info above and there begins a debate on just how far do you have to go to be obedient to Yahweh. To me, it is black or white, obey or disobey, no middle ground. To others it is what can I do to still partake without being in disobedience. Hence you will see churches with their fall festivals instead of Halloween. They have taken the pagan Halloween and turned it into something else, something they hope that Yahweh will approve of. Problem is they don't read their Bibles enough to see that Yahweh already said that He disapproves of this type of stuff. The Israelites learned that the hard way.

Not only that it is not up to us humans to turn something pagan into something Godly. That is Yahweh's prerogative only. We just do not have that right. Pagan is pagan and we are to stay far away from it.

Believers are supposed to be set-apart from the world. We are to be looked upon as different from everyone else. If we do the same things, celebrate the same pagan festivals, eat the same foods then are we really set-apart? I think not.

Yahshua (Jesus) said in Matthew that many would come who did works in His Name and He would send them away saying that He didn't know them. It seems that no one in the church is taking that seriously.

In the Bible Yahweh means what He says. When He says to keep His commands He means the Torah instruction. When He says to keeps His festivals and feasts, His set-apart Holy days, He means it. When He says to keep the Sabbath, He means it. When He says to stay away from anything and everything that has paganism He means it.

It is not OK to call it something else. It is not OK to change it into something that a person thinks is better or more Godly. It is not OK to take the bits and pieces that you want to hold onto and keep them in your life.

Either you are going to obey or disobey. There is no middle road. To try to ride down the middle is choosing to disobey.

And for anyone with children, please remember the Proverb (Prov 22:6) to bring them up the way they should go. The way they should go is the way of Yahweh, not the way of s.a.tan and paganism. As parents we will be held accountable to Yahweh for what we teach our children.

I leave you today with one of my favorite scriptures from Joshua. The Israelites had entered into the promise land, a land filled with a culture steeped in paganism. Although Yahweh told them to rid the land of these people and their pagan practices, the Israelites had not done so. At this point many of the Israelites had adopted the pagan practices and combined them with their Torah instruction and how they obeyed Yahweh. This was an abomination to Yahweh. This is what Joshua, a very Godly man, had to say on the issue:

Jos 24:14 “And now, fear Yahweh, serve Him in perfection and in truth, and put away the mighty ones (pagan gods) which your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve Yahweh!

Jos 24:15 “And if it seems evil in your eyes to serve Yahweh, choose for yourselves this day whom you are going to serve, whether the mighty ones which your fathers served that were beyond the River, or the mighty ones of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But I and my house, we serve Yahweh.”

Jos 24:16 And the people answered and said, “Far be it from us to forsake Yahweh, to serve other mighty ones,

Jos 24:17 for Yahweh our Elohim is He who has brought us and our fathers up out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage, who did those great signs before our eyes, and has guarded us in all the way that we went and among all the people through whom we passed.

Jos 24:18 “And Yahweh drove out from before us all the people, even the Amorites who dwelt in the land. We too serve Yahweh, for He is our Elohim.”

Jos 24:19 Then Joshua said to the people, “You are not able to serve Yahweh, for He is a set-apart Elohim, a jealous God is He. He does not bear with your transgression and with your sins,

Jos 24:20 if you forsake Yahweh and shall serve mighty ones of a stranger. Then He shall turn back and do you evil and consume you, after He has been good to you.”

Jos 24:21 And the people said to Joshua, “No, but we do serve Yahweh!”

Jos 24:22 Then Joshua said to the people, “You are witnesses against yourselves that you have chosen Yahweh for yourselves, to serve Him.” And they said, “Witnesses!”

Jos 24:23 “And now, put away the mighty ones of the stranger which are in your midst, and incline your heart to Yahweh Elohim of Yisraʼĕl.”

Jos 24:24 And the people said to Joshua, “Yahweh our Elohim we serve, and His voice we obey.”

Jos 24:25 And Joshau made a covenant with the people that day, and laid on them a law and a right-ruling in Sheḵem.

Jos 24:26 Then Joshua wrote these words in the Book of the Torah of Elohim. And he took a large stone, and set it up there under the oak that was by the set-apart place of Yahweh.

Jos 24:27 And Joshua said to all the people, “See, this stone is a witness to us, for it has heard all the words of Yahweh which He spoke to us. And it shall be a witness against you, lest you lie against your Elohim.”

As for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh. We have put away the false gods and idols and we have turned away from the pagan celebrations. Will you? It's not easy. Family and friends will turn against you. But that is the way of the narrow path that leads to eternal salvation with the Father, Yahweh. Will you do the hard stuff that it takes?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Am I a True Witness for Yahweh?

It is a question I ask myself a lot. Am I a true witness for Yahweh? What am I willing, or not willing, to sacrifice to be in His Will? Would I give up income, friends, family to stand for the truth of Yahweh?

I am a network marketer. I run a business based on networking and selling products. In the past I have kept the two sides of me quite distanced. I am Kathe the network marketer and I'm Kathe the servant of Yahweh. I've realized lately that I cannot keep those two parts of me separate any longer. I am not being true to Yahweh when I do that. He has got to have ALL of me, not just some parts, the parts I'm willing to give to Him.

In the past I've hesitated to put a link to my blog and website on Facebook fearing that it might cause my business to suffer. UGH - what was I thinking? I was thinking only about myself and not about Yahweh, that's for sure. I was not putting Him or His truth first and foremost.

I am not going to hide the truth any longer. People around me will know who and what I stand for. If I lose friends, income, whatever - so what. Without Yahweh I have nothing anyway.

Yahweh has given me so much knowledge and it is my responsibility to share it. His Name, His Ways, His Word. I cannot hold back and be responsible for someone else. I will speak, or write, and then they will be responsible for their actions. Like the post from the other day about Ezekiel that got me thinking about this.

From now on I will be a true witness for Yahweh. If you read my blog and are offended, well, all I have to say is that I will answer to Yahweh and only Yahweh. No matter what!


Friday, October 8, 2010


First some scripture from the prophet Ezekiel.

Ez 3:11 Then go to the exiles, to your countrymen; and speak to them. Tell them, 'Here is what Yahweh Elohim, says,' whether they listen or not"

Ez 3: 17 "Human being, I have appointed you to be a watchman for the house of Israel. When you hear a word from my mouth, you are to warn them for me.

Ez 3:18 If I say to a wicked person, 'You will certainly die'; and you fail to warn him, to speak and warn the wicked person to leaved his wicked way and save his life; then that wicked person will die guilty; and I will hold you responsible for his death.

Ez. 3:19 On the other hand, if you warn the wicked person, and he doesn't turn from his wickedness or his wicked way, then he will still die guilty; but you will have saved your own life.

Ez. 3:20 Similarly, when a righteous person turns away from his righteousness and commits wickedness, I will place a stumbling block before him - he will die; because you failed to warn him, he will die in his sin; his righteous acts which he did will not be remembered; and I will hold you responsible for his death.

Ez. 3:21 But if you warn the righteous person that a righteous person should not sin, and he doesn't sin; then he will certainly live, because he took the warning; and you too will have saved your life."

I am sounding this warning because I believe Yahweh. I hope you take note of the warning but if not, then at the very least I have told you what I know and it is up to you whether to act on it or now.

According to the lunar new moon calendar today is Rosh Hashana or Feast of Trumpets or Feast of Shofar. This is a high Holy day according to Yahweh's calendar - one of His set apart Holy days. A day of sabbath rest and remembering all that He has and is going to do. Remembering how amazing He is!

It is also a wakeup call to His plan for the end of all days. The 4 spring and summer feast days were fulfilled with Messiah's first coming and the final 3 fall feasts will be fulfilled when He returns at the Day of Yahweh, that Day that is foretold all throughout scripture.

The signs are all there that the world is about ready to experience something major. It doesn't matter what type of website you go to they are all full of talk that something BIG is about to happen. Some sites have even targeted a specific time frame (the first two weeks in November). Secular (non-believer) sites, UFO sites, Christian sites - all are breathlessly waiting. Dreams and visions are occurring just as the bible says they would in the final days. Warnings are being shouted.

BUT most aren't paying attention. Just as in the Days of Noah people are going about business as usual. Working, playing, etc. And when you bring up that something is about to happen you usually get a weird look and a pooh..pooh. Yes, they say, talk like this has happened before and it will happen again. Then they just go on with whatever else they were doing. You are the crazy lady.

I don't know exactly when this is going to happen and I don't know exactly what is going to happen. I just know that something is going to happen. The ONLY thing you can do is prepare your mind and your heart. Prepare that NO MATTER WHAT you are going to hold onto Yahweh as if your life depends on it - and it will. Know that HE is in control and HIS WILL will be done in all matters. Remember Psalm 91. That no matter what you see going on around you, even if thousands and tens of thousands perish, that it is HIS plan. And that if you hold onto Him, even if you lose your earthly life, your eternal life will be there.

This is the time to be in Yahweh's Word - the Bible. Every moment you can, every day! Believe Him, believe His Words. Don't lose hope in Him no matter what happens.

The war between Yahweh and the evil one is coming to an end and the evil one is stepping up his end game. Demons are loose upon this world (just look at the number of UFO sightings lately) and those demons are preying upon believers. Remember they don't care about unbelievers - they already belong to evil. They want believers. They want believers to stumble and fall away. They want believers so devastated that they will turn away from the One True Savior. They want believers to lose hope. They know that persecution will turn many away from Yahweh. That cruel devastation will turn many away. Your only hope is to stand strong on the Word of Yahweh. NO MATTER WHAT!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

His Name!

Why is it that we serve the Creator Elohim/God who is the Only real God yet Jews and Christians are the only religions who do not use His Name? All other religions use the name of their god to differentiate between their god and other gods. Instead we use a title. God, Lord, Savior, etc. These are all titles. That would be like me always being called mom, wife, sister, daughter but never by my name, Kathe. I could be anyone's mom, or wife, or sister or daughter. The title does not make me different, my name does.

In the original Holy Scriptures our Creator's Name was written over 6,000 times. Because of Jewish tradition those writings were changed to a title instead. (Remember the verses where the Bible tells us what is going to happen to those who change His Word?) Going through those Holy Scriptures and replacing His Name everywhere the Bible says GOD, LORD, Adonai, Elohim, etc. makes you realize that His Name was EVERYWHERE in Scripture. It also makes you realize the importance that He puts upon His Name and that it is very important to use His Name, both in reading His Word and in conversation with others. In fact we are told in His Word that those of us who use His Name in conversation will be blessed.

Yet most don't even know His Name. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a believer. I said Yahweh and she looked at me funny. I told her that Yahweh is the Name of God and she was confused. She thought His Name was God. When I told her the bit about it being a title like her title was mom she was floored. She had been to church for years and was never told that.

This is a huge disservice to Yahweh. And to believers as well. His Word tells us that by His Name we are saved. It does not say by His title we are saved. Think about that one for a moment. You can argue all you want against it, I'm just saying what He is saying. Take it for what it's worth.

Also, when we are in conversation with someone and we say the word "god" it can mean any god. This is how this idea of all gods are the same god came about. Without using a name it can mean any god out there. It can be very confusing in conversation with someone of another faith. Exactly which god are we talking about? But if you use names there is absolutely no confusion.

There are two ways to determine what god you are speaking about. Names and characteristics. If we look at some of the different gods out there we can see that they all have different names and different characteristics. The God of the Bible, Yahweh, has a completely different name than the name of the god of Islam, Allah. They also have completely different characteristics. All gods are not the same.

If you would like more information on the Name - Yahweh - there is a very good free download PDF by Neil Snyder at There are also some MP3 downloads.

I urge you to start using Yahweh's name instead of His various titles. As He says, you will be blessed for it. It will sound funny on your tongue for a bit but after a little while it will seem as natural as anything else you do. And you will show others the truth about His Name when you speak it aloud to them.

The amazing thing that I've found is that when I read His Word and replace the title in my head with His Name I get a much deeper meaning to Scripture than I ever have before and when I talk to Him it is much more personal. I love using His Name! I hope you do, too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I Walking a Righteous Walk?

I saw someone wearing a WWJD bracelet. What Would Jesus Do?

Thinking about it made me watch the person to see just what they were doing and if they lived up to what the bracelet meant. It's kind of like seeing someone with a fish symbol on their car who runs a red light or cuts me off in traffic. The symbol or motto they chose doesn't match up with their actions.

For those of you who have read my blog and website for any length of time you know what I think about symbols and cute sayings so I won't belabor that point here. My point to this is am I walking the walk. Am I authentic in my faith?

You hear that word bandied about a lot in churches these days. Authentic. As if there is any other way to be when it comes to living a righteous life for Yahweh. It's like the song I heard the other day; Cross of Gold by Michael W. Smith. He asks if you're wearing it just for jewelry or is there real meaning behind it. Now I don't wear crosses because #1 a cross is an idol which is prohibited by the Torah and #2 I don't know that Yahshua was on a cross or a tree or a stake. And the point of Him dying was not so much His death but His resurrection.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about being authentic. Watching people around me there seems to be a lot of do what I say, not what I do type of behavior. I want to be the person that sets the example, the role model. What I say, I do. The things that I do match up with my thoughts and my words.

It isn't easy to be authentic and walk a righteous walk. Righteousness first means that you need to know what being righteous in Yahweh means. That means reading what Yahweh said in His Word. That takes time and effort. It also takes a lot of self control to walk a righteous walk. You have to say no to many things that you previously said yes. You have to give up things that don't line up with Yahweh's Word. Most won't do either of those things. It takes time and work and we just have other priorities in our daily lives. And we don't want to give up those things that we love to do.

I'll give you a hint. Living a righteous life is not about going to church every week and helping out in this ministry or that ministry. Yahweh clearly outlines in His Word what it takes to live a righteous life. It's there for all to see. There is no "Easy Button" to get us there. It's not just saying a simple "sinner's prayer" and voila, you are righteous.

I recommend that you take Yahweh seriously and put Him as the #1 priority in your life TODAY! Do not put this off - it is the most important thing you should do. Start reading His Word and put Him first in your day and in your life. When you put Him first and ask Him for guidance He will give it to you. Of that I have no doubt.

Be blessed in your study.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yahweh's Sabbath or Sun Day?

Today is the day of the sun - Sunday. This was named a couple of thousand years ago to honor the sun, which was thought to be the god that created our earth, the universe and life itself. Most pagan religions honored the sun with god status. For example, the ancient Egyptians had RA, who was the sun god. The Romans around the turn of the world from B.C. to A.D. at the time of the Messiah honored the sun god.

Between the years of Messiah's death and about 325 A.D. the Jews and the followers of Messiah kept Yahweh's (God's) Sabbath and Feast Days found in the Bible, mainly Leviticus. Messiah and His apostles kept them as well and you can find evidence of that in the Bible. Around 325 A.D. the Roman emperor Constantine had much chaos in his kingdom. There were so many people who believed so many different things and there was constant friction. The new religion of Christianity, the following of the Messiah would not go away despite the mass killing of its followers. Something had to be done before the kingdom fell apart. The Jews were under severe persecution and anything that seemed Jewish and anyone practicing anything Jewish was persecuted heavily.

Constantine formed the Council of Nicea where he and many leaders of the different religious factions got together to hammer out the new state religion. They called it Christianity and then brought in different parts of different pagan religions to satisfy those leaders. On my website: I go into more detail on these pagan religions being absorbed into Christianity.

Two factors: (1) the absorption of all different pagan religions into the new religion of Christianity and (2) the persecution and wiping out of anything that seemed Jewish came together and essentially caused people to stop following Yahweh's Sabbath law. They now worshipped and rested on the sun day instead of the Sabbath.

One thing has not changed. Yahweh set down the 7th day as the Sabbath. He never, ever changed that to worshipping Him and resting on the same day as the pagan sun god. Man did that and now justifies it that it's OK because you are still worshipping Yahweh. How is it that we are allowed to make that decision? I think that is far above my pay grade to do anything like that.

By the way, an added wrinkle to the problem is that when the Romans were in charge they changed the entire way the calendar is set up. Now instead of using the new moon to determine when the Sabbath is, as well as the Feast days, most people just say that the Sabbath is on Saturday or Saturn's day. Another Roman name for a day of the week. This is incorrect. And even the Jew's of today still use the Roman calendar instead of Yahweh's set down way of determining the right day to set aside for rest.

I urge you, in these last days, to get right with Yahweh. To learn the truth about Him, about His set-apart days, about His Sabbath. He will show you the truth if you ask for it.

To learn more about the true Sabbath according to the new moon go to and click on the teaching link in the left column.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christians and the Occult

The occult is all over the internet and amazingly it is also all over so-called Christian forums. I think people need to be very, very careful with this type of thing. There are many, many spirits about in these last days. s.a.tan has indeed stepped up his game and he is about the earth seeking those to destroy. He does NOT need to go after the world as they already belong to him. He is going after believers. You, me and everyone we know who believes in Yahweh.

This is not to say that some will not dream dreams or have visions. That IS foretold in the Word. But there is an enormous amount of talk on Christian forums these days about the occult. Cards, bots, UFO's, crop circles and the like. The evil one is creeping in little by little. Seemingly innocent at first but what is it going to take to get a hold of you? Or someone else that is struggling in their faith. Will something they see lead them down a dark path and away from Yahweh? Not many are strong enough to say no to that lure.

We all want to know when this is all going to be over. I am no different. Every day I want His return. This world seems so heavy and there is no good to be found. BUT relying on occult forms of divination is wrong and is likely to show us as no different than the world at best and at worst may cause a baby believer to stumble and be swept away by the evil one.

We need to trust Him and be in His Word and rely on no occult forms of divination. It would be wise to remember the perils of King Saul.


We have been in tribulation since the apostles time. 250,000+ are martyred every year. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the 500 believers were martyred in Africa just for believing in Messiah. As one of the only countries in the world who has not lived through a physical war on their territory, Americans have a strange way of looking at the bible and the tribulation it speaks of. Believers elsewhere around the world know that we have been, as John said, Rev 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Messiah Yahshua, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of Yahweh, and for the testimony of Messiah Yahshua.

Messiah talks in Matthew about the birth pangs. As most women know birth pangs continually get closer together and more intense. This has been happening the past 2000 years and will continue until He returns. We are at the point now that where those birth pangs are right on top of each other. We are there, very close. Millions upon millions have been killed in these past 2000 years, starting with Yahshua and Stephen. Those are the ones in Revelation crying out to Yahweh, when will justice be done? Revelation is the key to understanding the entire Bible. It helps us to understand what was going to happen in the last 2000 years of this time of s.a.tan. We find out what the evil one was going to do to Yahweh's people. It was a warning of what all of us were going to have to live through and how we would get through it or maybe even be martyred.

That time is almost over. We are at the end. The walls are closing in on believers everywhere and should He not return soon there will be none left that know His Name. Even now there is only a small remnant as most of the world is after worldly things; money, career, other religions, fame and fortune, selves, UFO's and the like. There are not many that spend their time chewing on Yahweh's Word and living their lives for Him. Churches all over the world are being used for other things, even other religions. Most of the so-called Christian world, in a poll by Barna, does not believe that the Bible is 100% correct. Much of the so-called Christian world believes in evolution and questions the truth of the Messiah and His resurrection.

So how many true believers are there? I have no clue. But He does. He knows those who as in John 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

I do know though that things are getting closer than ever before. As He said, we will know the signs of His coming. They are all around us. Israel is a nation and surrounded by enemies who want her gone. Jews are looking for their Messiah and, praise Him, many of those Jews are now believing that Messiah has come in the Name of Yahshua. It is almost time for Him to return and for them to see who it is they pierced. The Jews Day of Atonement is not far away and they will mourn over their great mistake.

There are 3 of Yahweh's set-apart feast days to yet happen. They all fore-tell of the end of the end.

Feast of Trumpets - that last great Trump will sound and Yahshua will come for the Day of Yahweh! This is a great and terrible day for the whole world. Many will try to hide as the wrath of Yahweh is poured upon the earth and true believers will be protected by the Messiah that they loved and obeyed.

Day of Atonement - the scales will come off of the Jews whose eyes have been sealed by Yahweh in order for the news of Messiah to go out to the gentile world. They will see the one they pierced and go into deep mourning and sorrow.

Feast of Tabernacles - Shalom and the true peace of Yahweh will be with us in our rest for all eternity. We will make our tents and be with Him. HalleluYAH!

Will it be this year during the feasts, next or the next I don't know but Yahweh goes on His time, not the worlds. It will be according to His set-apart Feasts that He finishes His great work!

Are you ready? Are you immersed in Him? Are you set-apart? I pray you are. If not, the time is almost gone for you to belong to Him. The road is narrow, and hard, for those that follow Him. I hope you are on that road before it's too late.

Monday, July 12, 2010

When is it time to get out of your church?

According to the Word of YHWH we are held accountable for whatever the leadership does that we have put ourselves under. All through biblical history this has been the case.

Here is just one example. Prior to Judah being taken into captivity to Babylon they were warned by the prophets sent by YHWH to give up their paganism and false idols. The leadership refused to rid the land of paganism and they were conquered by Babylon and taken out of their land. Not everyone who was taken was practicing paganism. We have the biblical stories of people such as Ezekiel, Daniel and then the famous story of the fiery furnace of Shadrack, Mesheck and Abendigo. Those men (and many others) were great, godly men who followed YHWH and His laws and commands. Since they were under the leadership of ungodly men who practiced paganism and who refused to remove it from the land, they were punished right along with the rest of them.

People who are in churches today are held to that same accountability. Are you in a church that:

  • Believes in and keeps Christmas
  • Believes in and keeps Easter
  • Believes in and keeps saints days
  • Has a Halloween or Harvest festival celebration
  • Has a Nicolatian hierarchy for the church leadership
  • Sunrise services
  • Meets on sun-days instead of keeping YHWH's set-apart Sabbath
  • Does not keep YHWH's set-apart Feast Days

If so, I would strongly suggest that you end your membership with them. If you would like a deeper understand of all of these things listed above please visit It is imperative that you find out the truth about all of these things and start living your life according to YHWH's Word rather than the word of men and their doctrine.

Praying that you search out the truth of His Word and make the choice to follow Him no matter what. Remember even Yahshua said that it wouldn't be easy. That following Him meant trials and persecution. Most people think I'm strange or weird. I don't want to be like the majority. I want to be set-apart for Him. I'm willing to stand up for the truth no matter what that means. I hope you are as well.

Wake Up Church!!! Before It's Too Late!!

In Matthew 7 Yahshua speaks about the straight gate and the narrow path. Most people who go to church know about this verse. They all believe that they are on that narrow path and will go through the straight gate. How is that remotely possible? If the path is narrow and few are on it how can everyone be on it? Answer is that they can't.

It's time to wake up church. If you don't wake up now the thief in the night is going to break in and steal everything that you hold precious (your eternal salvation). You are sleeping because you don't think things are quite bad enough yet or you would have been calgoned (raptured) away.

The great deception is upon the church. The evil one has manipulated things so much that much of the Western church is living in left behind la la land. They really believe that we are not in tribulation, that things are "not that bad yet" (what they all say when asked about it). They don't see a visible 3rd temple, antichrist, mark of the beast, etc. They are asleep and don't realize that the end is as near as it is.

I have so many friends locked into that thinking. I pray that they wake up before it's too late. When Yahshua spoke about the narrow path it wasn't to the gentiles/unbelievers. It was to believers. When He spoke about the many that would come to Him saying, "Master, Master we have done all of these things in Your name" and He says, "Go away I don't know you" it was to believers.

Believers today think they've got their "get out of jail free card" because they've sat in church and said the sinners prayer and they believe the lie that they've been told about OSAS (once saved, always saved). The evil one - Lucifer - is the father of all lies. Just compare the lie of OSAS to the lie he told to Eve in the garden. See the similarity? It seems just enough truth to seem like the truth. But close enough is not good enough for YHWH.

I read something last night that I'm adopting for myself. We either follow the truth or our opinion of the truth. Truth is all that matters. The Truth can only be found in the Word. Don't depend on me or anyone else. Do you own reading in the Word to find the Truth.

I spoke to a friend last night about religion and the truth. People want to rely on church or religion for their truth. I said the only truth that you can truly stand on is the truth of the Word.

Too many people don't read the Word or when they do they pick and choose. The Word needs to be read from start to finish, over and over again. Only that way will you get the fullness of that Word and be able to be strong in it.

Church wake up before it's too late! We are close to the end time Hour of Trouble. If you think you are going to be raptured out before this terrible time you are deceived. Why are we in the Western church more worthy than those 500 Nigerian women and children I wrote about on Friday? Why are we more worthy than the 250,000 that were martyred last year? Why are we more worthy than Paul and Peter and the rest of the disciples?

Please read your Bible. Read the Word of YHWH. Nothing in this left behind theology stands up to His Word when you read it from start to finish. It just doesn't smell right. It doesn't fit. It doesn't make any sense. Please, it's almost too late. Don't let the thief come in and steal what is most precious. Your eternal salvation. Please. I'm praying for you.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Age of Grace??? What????

[27] No Speculations on the Causes of Natural Disasters onto people or cities as being Judgments from God - We are still living in the Age of Grace. God deals with individuals on a personal salvation basis and speculations of natural disasters and the timings of isolated or random natural disasters upon others due to political, economic, or religious actions taken by governments, societies, or individuals does not warrant a direct judgment from God. Luke 13:2-5 II Peter 3:7-13

The above was copied as rule #27 on a so called Christian forum or message board. It was posted on a thread in response to another poster who wrote that perhaps the Gulf Oil disaster might just be the judgment of God/YHWH since it happened the day after our president made a statement that the US would not longer automatically side with Israel in conflicts but would look at each separate incident.

I, for one, believe that YHWH does judge us both as individuals and as a nation and as a world. Where in the Word did this "age of grace" junk come from? That basically says we can do nothing to incur His judgment upon us because we are in some "age"? Hogwash.

We are in the time of the end. This time of grace has no biblical support and is a man made doctrine out of dispensationalism. Saying that YHWH does not judge is taking away His power and is changing Him and His ways. He NEVER changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In fact, time has no meaning for Him so He is the same always. If He judged in the first 4000 years, He is judging today.

I want a powerful, almighty God as my God. I want a God that is going to right wrongs and set things the way they should be. If He says, I will bless them that bless you and curse those that curse you I want to be blessed for blessing and I want to see people cursed for going up against Israel, or myself for that matter.

I don't want a God with both hands tied behind His back who stands back waiting for it all to be over to finally judge. I want to see His power and glory in my days. I want to know He is on the job doing what He has always done according to His Word.

Why do Christians continually demean and belittle YHWH with things like this? Do they not want to see His power over all creation? How is the world to see His power if He doesn't use it to judge the world? UGH!

I am so angry at the way they make Him so little and so unworthy of our worship and love and obedience. It's no wonder the world does not obey Him. The church has taken away the healthy Fear of YHWH that we should have and turned Him into a soft mushy pillow who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Why should we fear Him when He has no power to judge us? Why should the world fear Him when we, His people, don't? We should be the light, showing the way and we are not.

I'm sad, sick, upset and angry at the church and their foolishness. They act righteous just like the Pharisee's in Yahshua's day. Woe to you churches! Woe to you! Woe to you who run these message boards that are just like the church today. Woe to your man's doctrines that mislead the sheep and lead them into darkness.

YHWH does judge. YHWH uses His creation to judge. Watch His power and His glory and His strength. Watch and be amazed!!


500 Christians Killed in Nigeria

These are just some of those who are before YHWH's throne waiting for the end.

Revelation 7:9-17

Rev 7:9 After this I looked and saw a great crowd which no one was able to count, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes, and palm branches in their hands,

Rev 7:10 and crying out with a loud voice, saying, “Deliverance belongs to our Elohim who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”

Rev 7:11 And all the messengers stood around the throne and the elders and the four living creatures, and fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped Elohim,

Rev 7:12 saying, “Amĕn! The blessing, and the esteem, and the wisdom, and the thanksgiving, and the respect, and the power, and the might, to our Elohim forever and ever. Amĕn.”

Rev 7:13 And one of the elders responded, saying to me, “Who are these dressed in white robes, and where did they come from?”

Rev 7:14 And I said to him, “Master, you know.” And he said to me, “These are those coming out of the great distress, having washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Rev 7:15 “Because of this they are before the throne of Elohim, and serve Him day and night in His Dwelling Place. And He who sits on the throne shall spread His Tent over them.

Rev 7:16 “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more, neither shall the sun strike them, nor any heat,

Rev 7:17 because the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne shall shepherd them and lead them to fountains of waters of life. And Elohim shall wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

All of the millions upon millions of Jews and Christians who have been martyred since Yahshua died are all waiting. Did you know that more than 250,000 people are martyred every year? We who live in the Western world rarely hear of these killings. Killings of innocent people just living and working and serving YHWH who are killed just because they are Christian. Many of them are killed by Muslims, like these 500 in Nigeria. Mostly women and children. Defenseless against the onslaught of murder.

To me this is the most damning evidence against a pre-tribulational rapture that is taught by Western churches. Just because this didn't happen in America most think that we are not in tribulation yet. Wonder what these people thought? Location means everything I think. The thing I hear most from pre-tribbers is that it's not bad enough yet or Yahshua (Jesus) would have taken us out. Well just how bad does it have to be before you give up your theology?

We have been in tribulation since Yahshua died. Matthew 24 is Him speaking to the apostles about what life would be like from then until He returns. It is not some 7 year period which has no basis whatsoever in scripture.

It's almost over people. We have been in tribulation and it's getting worse. It will continue to get worse until His return. It will get so bad that unless He returns there will be no one left.

This heaviness is upon us and I'm sure it won't leave us until it is all over. Insane things are about to happen that have grown men crying out for mercy. It is the time that we who are in Him trust Him no matter what.

There is a Heaviness in the Air

I'm not talking about humidity. I'm talking about a heaviness that you can't explain. Websites abound with a "something is about to happen but we don't know what" sense. People are throwing out all kinds of ideas but no one knows for sure.

People who believe in the Word of YHWH (the Bible) know it has something to do with the end of all things. Secular people and sites are putting their own spin on it. It's interesting to me that most everyone is feeling like something is about to happen.

July 11th seems to be the start of something big. Something that is either going to happen or it's going to be the start of something happening that will continue to gain momentum into the fall.

For those of you who read my site you know already what I believe. I believe that in the end even those who don't believe in Him or that He is coming back will know that something is different. They will just attempt to put other reasons in His place.

There are so many things lining up to dismiss it all. The Gulf Oil disaster, the venom between Israel and Iran and so many in the world siding against Israel in their handling of every thing they do, the fact that our current leadership in the U.S.A. is turning against Israel and turning more towards pleasing the Muslim nations in the Middle East and so much more.

I am reminded that no matter what to keep these two things in mind at all times. Trust Him and Obey Him. Stay in His Word and Trust that no matter what is happening that He is in control and there is nothing for me to worry about. That even should I die, I shall end up in the right place. With Him. Nothing else matters.

I will obey His commands and trust Him through this time of trouble ahead. I don't know what He has in store for me but it doesn't matter. Only His will be done.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Money or the Kingdom?

I once had a pastor tell me that perhaps we should look for another church to attend. That was right after he told me that Yahshua/Jesus spoke more about money than He ever did about the Kingdom.

Honestly once he said that he really didn't need to follow it with finding another church. We were out of there pretty fast.

Maybe Yahshua did speak about money quite a bit. Things like it's easier for a rich man to get through the eye of the camel (which is a tiny gate in Jerusalem) than into the Kingdom. And telling the disciple to go to the fish and get the coins to pay the tax. And the debate with the Pharisee's about giving what is Caesar to Caesar and what is God's to God.

What was this pastor thinking? I don't see anywhere in the Word where it says money is more important than the Kingdom or more important than YHWH or anything like that.

No man can serve both money and YHWH. Either one or the other. This doesn't mean you shouldn't have a job, earn an income to support your family and such. This does mean that money should not be more important than the things YHWH says is important such as the Kingdom, serving Him, etc.

Most pastors are just the Pharisee's of today. Mixed up priorities. It makes me so angry.

We are at the end of all things. The end of the end. Instead of getting the flocks ready for the Day of YHWH and to enter the Kingdom instead they are planning their next church expansion and building fund drive.

PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!! Get into the Word and understand the time we live in right now. Soon it will be too late. Do not rely on your preacher, teacher or pastor to lead you in the right direction. He who is lost cannot lead.

Many of you will say, well it can't be that close to the end because we aren't under a one world government and there is no anti-christ and no 2 witnesses and no abomination that causes desolation and certainly since there was no rapture of the church the tribulation hasn't even started yet. And really, we don't even have to worry because we're all going to be zapped up into heaven anyway. UGH!!!

Please for a moment get your mind out of the Dispensationalist theology created in the 1600's by the Jesuit priests trying to discredit the Reformation and look at the WHOLE WORD OF YHWH. Read Daniel with the idea that it was sealed until the time of the end, which by the way started in June 1967 when for the first time in thousands of years Israel was now in control of Jerusalem and the time of the Gentiles was over!!! Understand Daniel as it was meant from our standpoint in the time of the end and see that Revelation is not a new book but a magnifying glass to understand the time from Yahshua's death to His triumphant return.

That moment is close at hand. YHWH is bringing about the events that will bring Yahshua back! The Day is close. So close!

Are you ready? If not, I beg you, get ready now. Do not wait. Get on your knees and ask YHWH to forgive you for living in the world. Turn away from the world and all of the paganism that is in it. Give up your idols and repent of having them. Put YHWH first in your life in every way. Ask Him how He wants you to live out these last and finals days and weeks. Nothing else matters.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come to Church and Get in the Drawing for a Free IPAD! Really???

Oh dear! When I heard this I said, no way and when it was confirmed to me that it was true I was just astounded. As far as the church has fallen away from the Truth I was sickened when I heard this latest "come to our church" incentive.

Now I'm a part of a network marketing company. It pays our bills and allows me to do things like write this blog. I run incentives like this one all of the time for my "team". It's business and quite a good thing to do in business.

However church is NOT a business. There are many things I do to run my business that have no part of in a church. What in the world are these church leaders thinking? Oh right - they are in the world and they are not thinking like a believer should.

I mean, really. Should someone need an incentive like winning a free IPAD to get them in the seats? Are the teachings that bad? Here is a suggestion for you preachers out there. Perhaps if you actually taught from the Word without putting your own spin on it people would be in the seats without you bribing them. Perhaps if you filled your services with true learning about the Word and left out all of the paganism your seats would be filled with hungry minds and ears.

But you can't. I know. You're too far into it to get out now. Your dreams are filled with huge buildings filled with thousands who hang onto your every word about how they, too, can live a life of prosperity. Yes you say it's about making a difference but I ask, a difference to whom? And a difference about what?

To me, it's all about eternity and that wonderful Kingdom. If you aren't making a difference to the Kingdom then it's all going to be burned up - useless. I'm thinking that there probably isn't much use for an IPAD in the Kingdom.


Heating Up!

Things are heating up - in more ways than one! Temperatures are the highest they've been all summer and there is no sign that it's going to get cooler any time soon. That isn't the subject of this post though.

Since my dream of a week or so ago the end has been on my mind a lot. Things are coming into perspective and although I already knew we were close I didn't realize just how close we are to the end of it all. I've thought a lot about Noah. Yes, the Noah of Noah's Ark renown. I'm beginning to understand what it was like for him and his family during the time just before the flood. Heartbreaking is the word that keeps coming to my mind.

Why heartbreaking? Well. Think about it. Noah was hundreds of years old during that time. He had many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, etc. Here he was being obedient to YHWH and building this huge boat where there was no water, no lakes, no ocean. All of the people around him must have thought him absolutely crazy.

I'm sure he told them to repent and follow YHWH and they would be saved from the coming destruction. Just like some of us tell others today. No one listened. Just as no one is listening today. I'm sure he felt many emotions just like we do today. Frustration, sadness, anger and more. Why wouldn't they listen? Why aren't they listening today?

Then they entered the Ark. There was no rain in sight. No water. I'm sure he was called crazy and worse. I expect there as much laughter at their expense.

Then the rains started and the water gushing from the earth. Now instead of laughter and jeering there were cries for help. Cries from people they knew and loved. People they tried to warn but who wouldn't listen. I expect that inside that ark the tears were flowing.

Today there is once again a coming destruction. The Word tells us that it will be like as in the days of Noah. Today it has come. No one listens to the words of those saying repent and walk in YHWH's ways before it's too late. Today we are at that moment that the ark has been built and now we are just waiting for YHWH to tell us to get on and He will shut the door. The door protecting us from His wrath upon the earth and the people who did not repent and who did not follow Him and His ways.

If you are not following YHWH and His ways I beg you to reconsider one more time. Please heed this warning that the time is come and to wait any longer is to wait too long. I'm sure in Noah's time many repented after the doors were closed and the rains came but it was too late to save them. They perished in those rising waters.

I don't want even one of you to perish. Not one. I pray that you heed this message. There is great evil to come upon this earth a very short time from now. It is greater than you can even imagine. Unless Messiah comes back all will perish.

Please repent and come onto the ark of His Word. Embrace His ways and live for Him.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Come Out of Her My People!

Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from the heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

There is much speculation as to the "her" is in this scripture. Just who is Mystery Babylon? Is is re-built Babylon which today is in Iraq? Is it the U.S.A.? Some even say it is a particular city or the entire world.

I believe that to understand who Mystery Babylon is you need to understand history.

Once upon a time in an ancient land far far away there lived a people that were descended from Noah. Yes the very same Noah that built the Ark and went through the flood. As you will recall Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japeth or as they are known in Hebrew; Shem, Ham and Yefet. (Note: until about 1300 AD there was no such letter as "J").

After the flood Noah's three sons had many children and after about 500 years there were many people populating the area of the Middle East. In the area that today is called Iraq but in ancient times called Shinar (Genesis 11:2) there lived many of the descendants of Ham, one of them being quite well known whose name was Nimrod. (Genesis 10:8) Nimrod was the first mighty ruler and builder of many cities. Two of his well known cities were Babylon and Ninevah. He was married to Semiramis and they had a son Tammuz.

When Nimrod was killed (some historical accounts say by Shem, who was still alive at the time and who was keeping covenant with YHWH) Semiramis knew that she had to do something to stay in power. She convinced the people that Nimrod had been a supernatural being; a god, and that he was reborn/reincarnated into their son, Tammuz.

The people wanted to believe in a god and had forgotten the Creator God, YHWH, so they became followers of Tammuz. Down through the centuries Tammuz became known as many different names, including Ba'al, the god whom the Israelites often worshiped against YHWH's warnings. All pagan gods are descended from Tammuz including all of the Greek, Indian, Chinese and Roman gods. All pagan goddesses are descended from Semiramis who declared herself a god since she was the mother of a god.

Every pagan religion on the earth today has at its beginning the story of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. Semiramis started the Mystery Babylon religion and created many, if not all of the traditions, celebrations and idols that we see around us today.

Religion as we see it today is man made and much of it comes from the original Mystery Babylon religion. Made in the image of what man wants it to be and it is far from what YHWH set down in His Word. It behooves us all to search for the truth.

So if Mystery Babylon is the name of the religion that was started all of those centuries ago and true men of YHWH spoke against it all through the Holy Scriptures and those very same men wrote the Word of YHWH why are we looking trying to change what it is?

If Mystery Babylon was religion then, it is religion now. Religion with the trappings of paganism. Just ask yourself. What business does a church have with celebrating pagan festivals of the sun god like christmas and easter and more?

Israel was warned by YHWH through her prophets to come out of that religion or else. The "or else" being punishment by YHWH. They didn't listen. He was true to His Word and He punished them. Many died, they were taken into captivity and many are still lost in the world today. The ten northern tribes are still scattered about.

In this time of the end (and we are very, very close to His return) now is the time to act. If you are still in an organized church that practices even a hint of paganism then you need to get out NOW! Leave it and dive into YHWH's word. You do not need a pastor or teacher. You do not need a congregation of other pagan believers to understand Him and His Ways.

Come out of her my people. Or else.

If you would like to learn more about paganism in the church please visit:

End Times Dreams....

Last week I had a dream. Now I'm not normally someone who dreams a lot. And usually when I do they revolve around my day, are realistic and soon forgotten. If I wake up from a dream I go back to sleep and usually don't remember it the next day. The dream last week was different.

I was in a small city and people were doing their day as usual. There was a woman however that was warning people that something really bad was about to happen. Most were not listening to her but some were. I stopped to listen to her and she said that she had an underground bunker with food and was willing to take in a few people but they would have to pay $40 per day per person for expenses. (When I normally dream it is not very specific like this one was).

I knew there were four of us that would need protection so as I was adding this all up in my head I realized that we didn't have very much money and certainly not enough to cover us for more than a few days. I was torn - what should we do.

So I looked up into the sky and just said, YHWH what should we do. Is it true that it is going to happen soon or not. At that very moment the sky pulled back like a curtain and all I could see was that just above my head - no more than about 10 feet up - was a swirling mess of creatures. Awful, ugly, evil all swirling around in a greenish haze. Then my 9 year old daughter appeared standing on the roof of a car next to me. She started singing opera and I knew that was a bad thing. That perhaps some of the evil was in her. I yelled loudly Katherine! Then pulled her by the hand and she stopped singing.

I knew in that instant that (1) it was going to happen very soon and (2) I had nothing to worry about. He was going to protect us. I had no fear of anything I saw even though it was terrible and evil. I had such a peace about me.

Then I woke up.

A couple of days after that my husband had a very short dream. He dreamed that a voice just simply said the Capstone is in charge and the Capstone will take care of it. That was it.

Matthew 21:42 Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: " 'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone ; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes' ?

This was a direct quote from Psalm 118:22 The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone;

He is coming and coming very soon! The tribulation is almost over and the time of trouble is almost upon us. The coming weeks are going to get far worse very quickly as the evil one is stepping up his game as he knows it is almost over. Just a few days ago he/Muslims murdered/tortured over 500 Christian women and children in raids on a village. He is angry that his rule is coming to an end.

Stay in the Word and in prayer. Get out of any church that is not true to YHWH's word. If your church practices paganism you must come out of her now.

Know without a doubt that He is all powerful. His will be done. Some of us will not make it through alive but we will all live in the Kingdom. The time is very, very short.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Church,

My husband and I received a letter a few days ago from a church we have not attended in almost 3 years. It was a form letter that basically said that since we were no longer attending that they had no choice but to remove us from their membership. They added that every time they thought of us they prayed for us and hoped that we were doing well on our spiritual journey. It was not hand signed but typed signed "The Elder Board".

Many thoughts have gone through my head since reading it. My first response was laughter. Then I shook my head at the weirdness of it and how they really don't get it at all. No wonder our churches are in such bad shape.

So this is my letter to them. I'm not really sending it to them because there is no point. This letter is to all churches out there who are doing things like this letter.

Dear Elder Board,

First of all we would like to thank you for your very "personal" letter (sarcasm). Since it was from the Elder Board we don't even know who actually sent this. Who is on the Elder Board and do you really know us at all? Do we know you?

Second, if you were so concerned about us and our spiritual journey then why did you wait almost 3 years to contact us? This is the first contact you've attempted with us since we stopped attending. You have no idea why we even stopped attending. You didn't care enough to ask.

We wonder what the real agenda is of the letter. If we haven't attended in almost three years do you think we care that we are being taken off of the membership? Why waste the time to print the letter and the cost of the mailing?

Might it possibly be that you thought we would receive the letter and say Oh No! They are taking us off of membership. Let's start going again this Sunday so they won't take us off.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I see this faceless group of men (no women of course) sitting around a table trying to think up ways to build up the people in the seats and someone saying, "Hey let's send out a letter to people who used to attend but don't anymore and see if we can get them to start coming again".

Whatever the motivation for sending this letter it completely astounds me that it was sent at all. It was definitely a waste of time and money on your part. There was nothing personal in it and was not signed by a person; not even the secretary of the church.

There is no point in getting into why we left because you don't care anyway. (For those of you who would like to know I will write that in another blog posting).

In conclusion, thank you for removing us from your membership files. We do not care to be associated with a leadership such as yours. The Word is very clear that we are judged based on what the leadership that we have put ourselves under does. We have not agreed with your decision making for a long time so
we are relieved that we are no longer under it. We actually thought that you removed us long ago so this was good confirmation for us.

Again, we are not actually planning to send the letter because it would make no difference. We would be wasting the stamp just like they did.

Someday these churches will wake up and realize that they are not a business. This is not about getting people in the seats to donate more money to build a bigger building with a bigger infrastructure just to teach those people a simple sinners prayer, which does nothing to get them into the Kingdom. Then after teaching them that once they say that prayer they get their "get out of jail free card", they then act just like the world with their sunrise celebrations at Easter and Christmas, trees and gifts and cards and all of the paganism that YHWH hates.

Someday, some are going to pay a heavy price for all of this. It makes me so sad that they are so caught up in their "man" doctrine that they don't see that they are doing the very thing that caused YHWH to punish Israel.

So church, next time just save your time and your stamp. Your unsigned form letter is not going to get me back into the "fold". You wouldn't want me anyway. I would be a lot more trouble than I'm worth in gold to you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Comments must be in English to be published

Just letting everyone know that if you post a comment and I can't read it because it is in another language other than English I will have to delete it and it will not be published. I can't take the risk that it is spam or something worse. If you can read what I write in English then you should write your response in English. Thanks.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Additions Made to Website!

I've recently made some additions to my website. Please check it out at

What If We Are At The End?

I get a lot of emails from those who believe we are in the last days. Some are pre-trib who think that we are very close to being raptured out and the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. Some who believe there is no such thing as a pre-trib rapture and tribulation but still believe we are pretty much at the end. Then there are those who aren't even thinking theologically but know that things are going downhill at a very rapid rate and they don't see how anything is going to turn things around.

My husband and I talk about the things we see going on in the world on a daily basis. I told him recently that there is so much coming at us so fast that you can hardly take it all in. You just want to stop up your ears and yell ENOUGH ALREADY! It's like that old game at the arcade with the gophers and the club. Every time you hit one gopher with a club another one pops up in a different spot. Problem with our world is that we have a whole lot of gophers popping up all at the same time and no one has any clubs at all.

On Friday the stock market tanked over 300 points due to the unemployment numbers. Our economy, while our government keeps telling us things are getting better, is not if you talk to the average person on the street. Everyone knows someone or many someones that don't have a job. People are filing bankruptcy at staggering numbers and foreclosures are still happening.

Then you have the world scene. Just this past week and weekend you have, once again, Israel and Iran in the news. I just heard that Iran is offering their military for any ships trying to break the Gaza blockade. I turned to my husband and said well if that isn't a declaration of war against the Israeli's I don't know what it could be. The middle east is preparing for war.

For the first time in my life I am unsure of how our government stands with regards to Israel. We have always been her staunchest supporter and the land where her people, the Jews, have found rest from their persecution. That is not the case anymore. Protests are happening around this country against the Israeli's and the blockade. When we don't stand strong for Israel then there is no reason for YHWH's hand of protection to be on our country any longer.

The number of natural and not-so-natural disasters that have come upon this country in the last 10 years is quite alarming. Tornado's, floods, hurricane's, number of earthquakes and more. If we don't stand strong with Israel in both our actions and our words then I expect we'll see more of these things as well as an increase in intensity.

So what if we are at the end? The time of the end as Daniel the prophet speaks? What if we are so close that unless an accident befalls us, we will be alive to see the coming of the Messiah? Something to think about.

If we truly are in the time of the end how does that change what you are doing with your time? Does it change your priorities?

I know for me I'm afraid. Not of what is to come because I trust YHWH. Afraid for the people who don't know Him and don't have relationship with Him. I don't want any to perish. He doesn't either. He wants relationship with everyone.

I remember the story of Messiah Yahshua leaving the ninety-nine sheep to go after the one lost. That tells me that He doesn't want anyone to be lost. That is not His choice though. It is up to each of us to make the decision whether we are going to follow Him or follow our own self-interest.

I pray that each person reading this will make the decision to follow, trust and obey YHWH. Doing that will guarantee your destination no matter what happens in the coming weeks and months.

IDOLS....What Are You Holding Onto?

When reading through the Holy Scriptures (and by that I mean the "old" Testament - remember that the Messiah, His disciples and the early church did not have anything else except the "old" Holy Scriptures) it is easy to realize that YHWH hates idols of any sort.

This is what He said to the Hebrews at Mt. Sinai when giving them the commandments.

Exodus 20:3 “You have no other mighty ones against My face.
Exodus 20:4 “You do not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of that which is in the heavens above, or which is in the earth beneath, or which is in the waters under the earth,
Exodus 20:5 you do not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, יהוה your Elohim am a jealous Ěl, visiting the crookedness of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me,
Exodus 20:6 but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard My commands.

So the first command, out of the approximately 600 commands, is one about idol worship. About putting YHWH first and not having anyone or anything else that would come before Him in our lives.

So to me that says it must be pretty important to Him. Reading further into the Holy Scriptures, and remembering what He did to those who ignored this command, makes me realize that this is something that I need to be constantly on watch for in my own life.

As I lay awake this morning I reflected on those things I hold dear in my life. Was I holding them higher than my Elohim? I went down the list and one by one made a mental note that (1) I only had that person or thing because of His blessing and that I would not have it if it were not for Him blessing me with it, (2) that I could never put it as more important than He is to me and (3) was anything I had in my life contrary to His Word?

What are the things that we tend to make idols out of? Well, of course it varies from person to person, and each person is going to have their own "statues". Whether it is a car, or love of watching sports, or collecting things, or food, or money, or being on the computer or whatever. Where is s.a.tan tempting you to put something or someone in front of YHWH?

I recently read in the book of Jasher (one of the books of the apocyrpha) the detailed account of Abraham and Issac on Mt. Moriah (which is also told in Genesis). As much as Abraham loved Issac and as long as he waited for him to be born he was still willing to obey YHWH and put YHWH's wishes first over Abraham's love for his son. Issac was not an idol even though Abraham loved him very much.

I believe that is a good test to use for anything that we hold dear or that we spend time with. Would we give it up if He asked us? OK, so you say yes of course I would but He has never come to me like he went to Abraham to tell me to stop.

Yes that is the tough thing in these days. We don't get that personal one on one chat time with YHWH. However He did leave us His Word and His Word is filled with examples and explanations of things just like this. Problem is that most people don't read His Word. They just get snippets from the pulput on those days they decided to attend the weekly service.

This is my third point. Am I doing anything that goes against His Word?

Just yesterday there was a conversation about Christmas and it being an idol for people. The people in the group were offended that they should give up their Christmas. When told that everything about it was pagan in origin, they still clung to their traditions. Christmas had become an idol to them (and a very pagan one at that) and even though all through the Word YHWH says to put it away they refuse to see and obey. The excuses are the same old ones. We have changed it to worship Jesus. (They don't even use His true Hebrew name but the pagan one given to Him by the Greeks to match their god's name). As I have said in this blog before, no man can take something and make it holy or use it for worship unless YHWH has done it first. It is not our right to do that.

Moreover, when He specifically says that something is pagan and not to do it, we have no right to try and make it into something godly and good and holy and righteous.

It is not easy to go against the world and all of the paganism in it. It's much easier to go with the flow. That flow is called the wide path in the Word. And those that are on it are destined to end up in a place where they truly don't want to go.

It is a lonely place to be, on the narrow path. No one arounds you understands and even worse, they will say mean and horrible things to you for walking away from those things they keep as idols. Remember it is human nature to keep others in the same place we are to make ourselves feel better about what we are doing. You see this with food, sports, money and many other things.

What keeps me going is staying in His Word. Every day, several times a day and especially before I go to sleep. I read and then meditate on what I read and fall asleep with His Word on my mind and in my heart. It gives me peace about the things that are going on around me. It gives me peace about being lonely. I'm not really alone. I have Him.

In conclusion please look at your life through the eyes of YHWH and His Holy Scripture and ask yourself if there is any idol worship in your life. If there is, no matter what it costs you, pluck it out and throw it away. I promise you that it will be worth it in the end to obey Him no matter what.

P.S. If you would like more information on the lost books of the bible and the apocrypha please visit

Friday, May 28, 2010

Did Yahshua teach material prosperity?

I often wonder why so many of our churches teach a material prosperity gospel and wonder where in the Word of YHWH they get it?

I asked a pastor once a time ago why he was teaching so much about money and not very much about the Kingdom of God and he replied to me that "Jesus talked more about money than anything else" and "perhaps you should find another church". Hmmm....

I have a rule in life to never argue with anyone dumber than myself so when he said that I understood that this rule fit and left that church immediately.

If churches have a bunch of poor people in them how will they be supported? How will these big mega churches survive without prosperous people in them to pay for the infrastructure of the church? Are the poor really welcome in these churches? I think not. Do they have a vested interest in having rich prosperous people in the seats?

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with wealth. If YHWH in His wisdom has blessed someone with wealth then that is great. There is nothing inherently evil about money. Remember the Word says that the LOVE of money is evil, not the money itself.

I do, however, think that money is something that is easily turned into an idol - something we think about more than we think about YHWH.

So did Yahshua teach material prosperity? In everything that I have read in His Word I think not. I think He taught that money should be used wisely as any other tool or blessing that He has given to us. Whether the gift is money, or land or some other gift, it should be used for His purposes and to live our lives according to His Word.

So churches will say, well, be wealthy and give it to us - that is doing the will of God. Well, being a good steward of our money is a big responsibility. (Remember that everything we have comes from Him anyway). If we give that money to a church that is squandering it then we are held accountable. Is that ultra big screen TV really necessary when there are poor going hungry? What about the props for every weekly service? What about the immense sound and light systems?

We can't just tithe or donate and then say, well that's done. I did my part. No - our part comes before the donation. It comes from being wise in who we give it to. Wise in asking how the donation is being spent. Is it just to get more people in the seats to give more money to buy more stuff to accommodate more people? An endless cycle of people saying the sinners prayer (another sore subject) thinking they are "saved" and now just sit there week after week giving to the business of the church?

This is what I believe:

1. Yahshua taught more about being prepared for the Kingdom of YHWH than He did about any other thing including money. This is a good thing to be knowledgeable about wouldn't you think?

2. When He talked about money He talked about responsibility and it can get in the way of entering the Kingdom.

3. Be careful who you give your money to as you will be held responsible for the spending of it. If it is not spent wisely you will be judged accordingly.

4. Money is not inherently evil, but the misuse of it is. Putting it as more important than YHWH is definitely evil.

5. If YHWH has blessed you with wealth then you also have the responsibility to use it wisely and for His purposes, which include taking care of your family and those around you that He loves who are hurting.

6. When we look at donating money we look for these criteria: Israel, widows, orphans and the truly poor. We do not donate to churches.

Choose wisely how you spend your money. Choose wisely what you think about. Choose wisely which charities you donate to.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Has Happened To Our Churches?

Last night my husband and I attended a church service because a friend of ours was getting baptized. After about two minutes into it I was upset and appalled at what I was seeing and hearing.

In my early 20's I attended many rock concerts. I saw REO Speedwagon, Pink Floyd and others. They were loud and even then I knew they were too loud for my ears. Last night in church the music was so loud that I, and several people around me, covered our ears. It was louder than those rock concerts of my past.

Not only that they played the music the entire time people were being baptized. There was no way to hear the public pronouncement of their faith in Messiah or the Father. We could see their lips move and that's it. It was all about the music, not about the acts of baptism that were happening.

Once our friend went through the ritual we left. Our ears were ringing two hours after we got home. I wonder do they really believe that YHWH was honored and worshiped through that noise? I was so distressed by it all that I wanted to cry.

The way to worship YHWH is through obedience to Him and His Torah. We can't change how He wants to be worshiped, we need to worship Him how he wants. That isn't through music so loud that people there have to hold their hands over their ears because it hurts so badly. There is no where in the Word that says to sing that loudly and play music that loudly. Do they really think they are singing and playing to Him?

I wrote a letter to the pastors of the church this morning. At the end of the letter I wrote that they would just throw the letter away and nothing would come of it. They are in the world, not in the Word. The sad part is that they are leading a whole bunch of sheep down the wrong path.

Matthew 7:21 Not everyone who says to me, 'Master, Master!' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in heaven wants. 22 On that Day, many will say to me, 'Master, Master!' Didn't we prophesy in your name? Didn't we expel demons in your name? Didn't we perform many miracles in your name? 23 Then I will tell them to their faces, 'I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!'

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Your Life Worthy of Spiritual Attack?

Spiritual attack is something that is a part of the life of all true believers. Someone once said that if you are not being attacked then you should take a good hard look at your life and ask yourself why.

Our material self wants to live an easy life. It wants a life free of stress, hurt, pain, financial difficulties, etc. It feels relief when the attack ends.

However if this time of peace goes on too long we should question why. What are we doing, or not doing, that is causing the evil one to take his roaming eye off of us. Does he already have us? Are we not worthy of his attention?

Yahshua tells us that He was persecuted and attacked and that as His followers we should expect the same. So rather than be angry or surprised by attacks we should understand that it goes with the territory. It also gives us a sure sign that we are standing strong in YHWH. That the evil one is trying to bring us down so we no longer stand strong and do the work of YHWH. He wants us out of the game.

These days my husband and I are taking many deep sighs. Just getting through. Hanging on the words in the Word and trusting Him with all of our being. It's the only thing we have right now. Sometimes the attacks are so vicious and strong that it seems we can't even breathe. We certainly can't sleep. One thing that's keeping us strong is knowing that the evil one only attacks like this when the people he is attacking are causing him trouble.

So, knowing that, we will keep doing what we are doing and trust YHWH that He will make all things turn for good and will right all wrongs. We will continue to trust and obey, through all of the storms that come our way.

Thank You YHWH for protection and your amazing work in our lives. Thank You for keeping us strong in You. Thank You for showing us Your will so we have a path to follow, no matter how many stones are in our way.

Please bless our work for You. Let us continue to show the true path to others. Let us continue to show Your light to expose the evil of paganism in the church and help true believers turn away from that paganism.

Helping others see the truth makes all of "this" worthwhile. Thank You!