Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yahweh's Sabbath or Sun Day?

Today is the day of the sun - Sunday. This was named a couple of thousand years ago to honor the sun, which was thought to be the god that created our earth, the universe and life itself. Most pagan religions honored the sun with god status. For example, the ancient Egyptians had RA, who was the sun god. The Romans around the turn of the world from B.C. to A.D. at the time of the Messiah honored the sun god.

Between the years of Messiah's death and about 325 A.D. the Jews and the followers of Messiah kept Yahweh's (God's) Sabbath and Feast Days found in the Bible, mainly Leviticus. Messiah and His apostles kept them as well and you can find evidence of that in the Bible. Around 325 A.D. the Roman emperor Constantine had much chaos in his kingdom. There were so many people who believed so many different things and there was constant friction. The new religion of Christianity, the following of the Messiah would not go away despite the mass killing of its followers. Something had to be done before the kingdom fell apart. The Jews were under severe persecution and anything that seemed Jewish and anyone practicing anything Jewish was persecuted heavily.

Constantine formed the Council of Nicea where he and many leaders of the different religious factions got together to hammer out the new state religion. They called it Christianity and then brought in different parts of different pagan religions to satisfy those leaders. On my website: I go into more detail on these pagan religions being absorbed into Christianity.

Two factors: (1) the absorption of all different pagan religions into the new religion of Christianity and (2) the persecution and wiping out of anything that seemed Jewish came together and essentially caused people to stop following Yahweh's Sabbath law. They now worshipped and rested on the sun day instead of the Sabbath.

One thing has not changed. Yahweh set down the 7th day as the Sabbath. He never, ever changed that to worshipping Him and resting on the same day as the pagan sun god. Man did that and now justifies it that it's OK because you are still worshipping Yahweh. How is it that we are allowed to make that decision? I think that is far above my pay grade to do anything like that.

By the way, an added wrinkle to the problem is that when the Romans were in charge they changed the entire way the calendar is set up. Now instead of using the new moon to determine when the Sabbath is, as well as the Feast days, most people just say that the Sabbath is on Saturday or Saturn's day. Another Roman name for a day of the week. This is incorrect. And even the Jew's of today still use the Roman calendar instead of Yahweh's set down way of determining the right day to set aside for rest.

I urge you, in these last days, to get right with Yahweh. To learn the truth about Him, about His set-apart days, about His Sabbath. He will show you the truth if you ask for it.

To learn more about the true Sabbath according to the new moon go to and click on the teaching link in the left column.


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