Monday, September 20, 2010

His Name!

Why is it that we serve the Creator Elohim/God who is the Only real God yet Jews and Christians are the only religions who do not use His Name? All other religions use the name of their god to differentiate between their god and other gods. Instead we use a title. God, Lord, Savior, etc. These are all titles. That would be like me always being called mom, wife, sister, daughter but never by my name, Kathe. I could be anyone's mom, or wife, or sister or daughter. The title does not make me different, my name does.

In the original Holy Scriptures our Creator's Name was written over 6,000 times. Because of Jewish tradition those writings were changed to a title instead. (Remember the verses where the Bible tells us what is going to happen to those who change His Word?) Going through those Holy Scriptures and replacing His Name everywhere the Bible says GOD, LORD, Adonai, Elohim, etc. makes you realize that His Name was EVERYWHERE in Scripture. It also makes you realize the importance that He puts upon His Name and that it is very important to use His Name, both in reading His Word and in conversation with others. In fact we are told in His Word that those of us who use His Name in conversation will be blessed.

Yet most don't even know His Name. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a believer. I said Yahweh and she looked at me funny. I told her that Yahweh is the Name of God and she was confused. She thought His Name was God. When I told her the bit about it being a title like her title was mom she was floored. She had been to church for years and was never told that.

This is a huge disservice to Yahweh. And to believers as well. His Word tells us that by His Name we are saved. It does not say by His title we are saved. Think about that one for a moment. You can argue all you want against it, I'm just saying what He is saying. Take it for what it's worth.

Also, when we are in conversation with someone and we say the word "god" it can mean any god. This is how this idea of all gods are the same god came about. Without using a name it can mean any god out there. It can be very confusing in conversation with someone of another faith. Exactly which god are we talking about? But if you use names there is absolutely no confusion.

There are two ways to determine what god you are speaking about. Names and characteristics. If we look at some of the different gods out there we can see that they all have different names and different characteristics. The God of the Bible, Yahweh, has a completely different name than the name of the god of Islam, Allah. They also have completely different characteristics. All gods are not the same.

If you would like more information on the Name - Yahweh - there is a very good free download PDF by Neil Snyder at There are also some MP3 downloads.

I urge you to start using Yahweh's name instead of His various titles. As He says, you will be blessed for it. It will sound funny on your tongue for a bit but after a little while it will seem as natural as anything else you do. And you will show others the truth about His Name when you speak it aloud to them.

The amazing thing that I've found is that when I read His Word and replace the title in my head with His Name I get a much deeper meaning to Scripture than I ever have before and when I talk to Him it is much more personal. I love using His Name! I hope you do, too!


Joan The Baptist said...

Amen Sister... Yahweh told me a few months back to start calling HIM by name. And HIS Son Yeshua by name. This was confirmation. I have a blog and would love for you to visit sister.

Shalom In Yeshua,

Kathe said...

I'm noticing more and more that people are being reminded to call Him by His Name. He is opening up opportunities for me to talk with people about it and they are receptive - it is SO GOOD to hear people say His Name in conversation.

I will be sure to visit your blog Cassie.

Shalom, Kathe