Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I Walking a Righteous Walk?

I saw someone wearing a WWJD bracelet. What Would Jesus Do?

Thinking about it made me watch the person to see just what they were doing and if they lived up to what the bracelet meant. It's kind of like seeing someone with a fish symbol on their car who runs a red light or cuts me off in traffic. The symbol or motto they chose doesn't match up with their actions.

For those of you who have read my blog and website for any length of time you know what I think about symbols and cute sayings so I won't belabor that point here. My point to this is am I walking the walk. Am I authentic in my faith?

You hear that word bandied about a lot in churches these days. Authentic. As if there is any other way to be when it comes to living a righteous life for Yahweh. It's like the song I heard the other day; Cross of Gold by Michael W. Smith. He asks if you're wearing it just for jewelry or is there real meaning behind it. Now I don't wear crosses because #1 a cross is an idol which is prohibited by the Torah and #2 I don't know that Yahshua was on a cross or a tree or a stake. And the point of Him dying was not so much His death but His resurrection.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about being authentic. Watching people around me there seems to be a lot of do what I say, not what I do type of behavior. I want to be the person that sets the example, the role model. What I say, I do. The things that I do match up with my thoughts and my words.

It isn't easy to be authentic and walk a righteous walk. Righteousness first means that you need to know what being righteous in Yahweh means. That means reading what Yahweh said in His Word. That takes time and effort. It also takes a lot of self control to walk a righteous walk. You have to say no to many things that you previously said yes. You have to give up things that don't line up with Yahweh's Word. Most won't do either of those things. It takes time and work and we just have other priorities in our daily lives. And we don't want to give up those things that we love to do.

I'll give you a hint. Living a righteous life is not about going to church every week and helping out in this ministry or that ministry. Yahweh clearly outlines in His Word what it takes to live a righteous life. It's there for all to see. There is no "Easy Button" to get us there. It's not just saying a simple "sinner's prayer" and voila, you are righteous.

I recommend that you take Yahweh seriously and put Him as the #1 priority in your life TODAY! Do not put this off - it is the most important thing you should do. Start reading His Word and put Him first in your day and in your life. When you put Him first and ask Him for guidance He will give it to you. Of that I have no doubt.

Be blessed in your study.


Joan The Baptist said...

Amen and Amen!!! Praise Yahweh. I asked a brother in Yeshua why he wore a cross. He said because it is a conversation piece. I can tell people about the LORD. I said IF Yeshua died being shot by a pistol would you wear a pistol? He said no. I said nothing.

Shalom In Yeshua,

Kathe said...

Good for you for speaking up for the truth!

Shalom, Kathe