Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Great Deception!

A lot of Christians have ideas on what the Great Deception is in the Bible. I have heard many over the years. Problem is that the Deception is much bigger than they give it credit for. That is why it is called Great.

The Great Deception has been perpetuated upon our entire world by a group of people known as the Jews. They have done such a good job at this deception that the very people they are deceiving support them in their deception.

Jews today are a small population yet they hold control over most every part of our lives. From banking to government, television and movies to print media they hold the control. They are the power behind the scenes and own every major bank (including the Federal Reserve) and Wall Street. Not a movie gets made without their approval. Nothing is reported in the news without an OK from them. The entire federal government is controlled by them.

And it is not just our country, America, but almost the entire world. And like all great deceptions this one has the majority of the population not only going along with them but rooting them on.

Tell one Christian that the Jews are bad and you will get reactions from aghast that you can say such a thing about God's Chosen People to being called a Nazi or White Supremest. Mostly people are just ignorant to history and the facts. Being supportive of the Jews is emotional, not factual. It's what they've been told by their pastor, prophecy teacher and the Left Behind series of books and movies.

The Bible speaks of this great deception keeping many or the majority from the Kingdom. That only a remnant will be saved. If this is true, which I believe it is, then it is time for Christians to wake up and learn the truth of who truly is the enemy of Yahweh (God). We cannot support His enemy (Edomite Jews) and still think that we will find favor with Him.

He speaks in Malachi that Edom/Esau (the Jews) will be destroyed. Those who are friends of God's enemies are also God's enemies.

Please don't believe the lie that the Jews are God's Chosen People. Most don't have a drop of Israelite blood in them. It is Esau trying to steal back the birthright that he gave up for a bowl of stew. He has been trying for thousands of years.

The world is being deceived. Don't be one of those who fall for this lie of all lies.