Monday, July 12, 2010

When is it time to get out of your church?

According to the Word of YHWH we are held accountable for whatever the leadership does that we have put ourselves under. All through biblical history this has been the case.

Here is just one example. Prior to Judah being taken into captivity to Babylon they were warned by the prophets sent by YHWH to give up their paganism and false idols. The leadership refused to rid the land of paganism and they were conquered by Babylon and taken out of their land. Not everyone who was taken was practicing paganism. We have the biblical stories of people such as Ezekiel, Daniel and then the famous story of the fiery furnace of Shadrack, Mesheck and Abendigo. Those men (and many others) were great, godly men who followed YHWH and His laws and commands. Since they were under the leadership of ungodly men who practiced paganism and who refused to remove it from the land, they were punished right along with the rest of them.

People who are in churches today are held to that same accountability. Are you in a church that:

  • Believes in and keeps Christmas
  • Believes in and keeps Easter
  • Believes in and keeps saints days
  • Has a Halloween or Harvest festival celebration
  • Has a Nicolatian hierarchy for the church leadership
  • Sunrise services
  • Meets on sun-days instead of keeping YHWH's set-apart Sabbath
  • Does not keep YHWH's set-apart Feast Days

If so, I would strongly suggest that you end your membership with them. If you would like a deeper understand of all of these things listed above please visit It is imperative that you find out the truth about all of these things and start living your life according to YHWH's Word rather than the word of men and their doctrine.

Praying that you search out the truth of His Word and make the choice to follow Him no matter what. Remember even Yahshua said that it wouldn't be easy. That following Him meant trials and persecution. Most people think I'm strange or weird. I don't want to be like the majority. I want to be set-apart for Him. I'm willing to stand up for the truth no matter what that means. I hope you are as well.

Wake Up Church!!! Before It's Too Late!!

In Matthew 7 Yahshua speaks about the straight gate and the narrow path. Most people who go to church know about this verse. They all believe that they are on that narrow path and will go through the straight gate. How is that remotely possible? If the path is narrow and few are on it how can everyone be on it? Answer is that they can't.

It's time to wake up church. If you don't wake up now the thief in the night is going to break in and steal everything that you hold precious (your eternal salvation). You are sleeping because you don't think things are quite bad enough yet or you would have been calgoned (raptured) away.

The great deception is upon the church. The evil one has manipulated things so much that much of the Western church is living in left behind la la land. They really believe that we are not in tribulation, that things are "not that bad yet" (what they all say when asked about it). They don't see a visible 3rd temple, antichrist, mark of the beast, etc. They are asleep and don't realize that the end is as near as it is.

I have so many friends locked into that thinking. I pray that they wake up before it's too late. When Yahshua spoke about the narrow path it wasn't to the gentiles/unbelievers. It was to believers. When He spoke about the many that would come to Him saying, "Master, Master we have done all of these things in Your name" and He says, "Go away I don't know you" it was to believers.

Believers today think they've got their "get out of jail free card" because they've sat in church and said the sinners prayer and they believe the lie that they've been told about OSAS (once saved, always saved). The evil one - Lucifer - is the father of all lies. Just compare the lie of OSAS to the lie he told to Eve in the garden. See the similarity? It seems just enough truth to seem like the truth. But close enough is not good enough for YHWH.

I read something last night that I'm adopting for myself. We either follow the truth or our opinion of the truth. Truth is all that matters. The Truth can only be found in the Word. Don't depend on me or anyone else. Do you own reading in the Word to find the Truth.

I spoke to a friend last night about religion and the truth. People want to rely on church or religion for their truth. I said the only truth that you can truly stand on is the truth of the Word.

Too many people don't read the Word or when they do they pick and choose. The Word needs to be read from start to finish, over and over again. Only that way will you get the fullness of that Word and be able to be strong in it.

Church wake up before it's too late! We are close to the end time Hour of Trouble. If you think you are going to be raptured out before this terrible time you are deceived. Why are we in the Western church more worthy than those 500 Nigerian women and children I wrote about on Friday? Why are we more worthy than the 250,000 that were martyred last year? Why are we more worthy than Paul and Peter and the rest of the disciples?

Please read your Bible. Read the Word of YHWH. Nothing in this left behind theology stands up to His Word when you read it from start to finish. It just doesn't smell right. It doesn't fit. It doesn't make any sense. Please, it's almost too late. Don't let the thief come in and steal what is most precious. Your eternal salvation. Please. I'm praying for you.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Age of Grace??? What????

[27] No Speculations on the Causes of Natural Disasters onto people or cities as being Judgments from God - We are still living in the Age of Grace. God deals with individuals on a personal salvation basis and speculations of natural disasters and the timings of isolated or random natural disasters upon others due to political, economic, or religious actions taken by governments, societies, or individuals does not warrant a direct judgment from God. Luke 13:2-5 II Peter 3:7-13

The above was copied as rule #27 on a so called Christian forum or message board. It was posted on a thread in response to another poster who wrote that perhaps the Gulf Oil disaster might just be the judgment of God/YHWH since it happened the day after our president made a statement that the US would not longer automatically side with Israel in conflicts but would look at each separate incident.

I, for one, believe that YHWH does judge us both as individuals and as a nation and as a world. Where in the Word did this "age of grace" junk come from? That basically says we can do nothing to incur His judgment upon us because we are in some "age"? Hogwash.

We are in the time of the end. This time of grace has no biblical support and is a man made doctrine out of dispensationalism. Saying that YHWH does not judge is taking away His power and is changing Him and His ways. He NEVER changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In fact, time has no meaning for Him so He is the same always. If He judged in the first 4000 years, He is judging today.

I want a powerful, almighty God as my God. I want a God that is going to right wrongs and set things the way they should be. If He says, I will bless them that bless you and curse those that curse you I want to be blessed for blessing and I want to see people cursed for going up against Israel, or myself for that matter.

I don't want a God with both hands tied behind His back who stands back waiting for it all to be over to finally judge. I want to see His power and glory in my days. I want to know He is on the job doing what He has always done according to His Word.

Why do Christians continually demean and belittle YHWH with things like this? Do they not want to see His power over all creation? How is the world to see His power if He doesn't use it to judge the world? UGH!

I am so angry at the way they make Him so little and so unworthy of our worship and love and obedience. It's no wonder the world does not obey Him. The church has taken away the healthy Fear of YHWH that we should have and turned Him into a soft mushy pillow who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Why should we fear Him when He has no power to judge us? Why should the world fear Him when we, His people, don't? We should be the light, showing the way and we are not.

I'm sad, sick, upset and angry at the church and their foolishness. They act righteous just like the Pharisee's in Yahshua's day. Woe to you churches! Woe to you! Woe to you who run these message boards that are just like the church today. Woe to your man's doctrines that mislead the sheep and lead them into darkness.

YHWH does judge. YHWH uses His creation to judge. Watch His power and His glory and His strength. Watch and be amazed!!


500 Christians Killed in Nigeria

These are just some of those who are before YHWH's throne waiting for the end.

Revelation 7:9-17

Rev 7:9 After this I looked and saw a great crowd which no one was able to count, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes, and palm branches in their hands,

Rev 7:10 and crying out with a loud voice, saying, “Deliverance belongs to our Elohim who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”

Rev 7:11 And all the messengers stood around the throne and the elders and the four living creatures, and fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped Elohim,

Rev 7:12 saying, “Amĕn! The blessing, and the esteem, and the wisdom, and the thanksgiving, and the respect, and the power, and the might, to our Elohim forever and ever. Amĕn.”

Rev 7:13 And one of the elders responded, saying to me, “Who are these dressed in white robes, and where did they come from?”

Rev 7:14 And I said to him, “Master, you know.” And he said to me, “These are those coming out of the great distress, having washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Rev 7:15 “Because of this they are before the throne of Elohim, and serve Him day and night in His Dwelling Place. And He who sits on the throne shall spread His Tent over them.

Rev 7:16 “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more, neither shall the sun strike them, nor any heat,

Rev 7:17 because the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne shall shepherd them and lead them to fountains of waters of life. And Elohim shall wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

All of the millions upon millions of Jews and Christians who have been martyred since Yahshua died are all waiting. Did you know that more than 250,000 people are martyred every year? We who live in the Western world rarely hear of these killings. Killings of innocent people just living and working and serving YHWH who are killed just because they are Christian. Many of them are killed by Muslims, like these 500 in Nigeria. Mostly women and children. Defenseless against the onslaught of murder.

To me this is the most damning evidence against a pre-tribulational rapture that is taught by Western churches. Just because this didn't happen in America most think that we are not in tribulation yet. Wonder what these people thought? Location means everything I think. The thing I hear most from pre-tribbers is that it's not bad enough yet or Yahshua (Jesus) would have taken us out. Well just how bad does it have to be before you give up your theology?

We have been in tribulation since Yahshua died. Matthew 24 is Him speaking to the apostles about what life would be like from then until He returns. It is not some 7 year period which has no basis whatsoever in scripture.

It's almost over people. We have been in tribulation and it's getting worse. It will continue to get worse until His return. It will get so bad that unless He returns there will be no one left.

This heaviness is upon us and I'm sure it won't leave us until it is all over. Insane things are about to happen that have grown men crying out for mercy. It is the time that we who are in Him trust Him no matter what.

There is a Heaviness in the Air

I'm not talking about humidity. I'm talking about a heaviness that you can't explain. Websites abound with a "something is about to happen but we don't know what" sense. People are throwing out all kinds of ideas but no one knows for sure.

People who believe in the Word of YHWH (the Bible) know it has something to do with the end of all things. Secular people and sites are putting their own spin on it. It's interesting to me that most everyone is feeling like something is about to happen.

July 11th seems to be the start of something big. Something that is either going to happen or it's going to be the start of something happening that will continue to gain momentum into the fall.

For those of you who read my site you know already what I believe. I believe that in the end even those who don't believe in Him or that He is coming back will know that something is different. They will just attempt to put other reasons in His place.

There are so many things lining up to dismiss it all. The Gulf Oil disaster, the venom between Israel and Iran and so many in the world siding against Israel in their handling of every thing they do, the fact that our current leadership in the U.S.A. is turning against Israel and turning more towards pleasing the Muslim nations in the Middle East and so much more.

I am reminded that no matter what to keep these two things in mind at all times. Trust Him and Obey Him. Stay in His Word and Trust that no matter what is happening that He is in control and there is nothing for me to worry about. That even should I die, I shall end up in the right place. With Him. Nothing else matters.

I will obey His commands and trust Him through this time of trouble ahead. I don't know what He has in store for me but it doesn't matter. Only His will be done.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Money or the Kingdom?

I once had a pastor tell me that perhaps we should look for another church to attend. That was right after he told me that Yahshua/Jesus spoke more about money than He ever did about the Kingdom.

Honestly once he said that he really didn't need to follow it with finding another church. We were out of there pretty fast.

Maybe Yahshua did speak about money quite a bit. Things like it's easier for a rich man to get through the eye of the camel (which is a tiny gate in Jerusalem) than into the Kingdom. And telling the disciple to go to the fish and get the coins to pay the tax. And the debate with the Pharisee's about giving what is Caesar to Caesar and what is God's to God.

What was this pastor thinking? I don't see anywhere in the Word where it says money is more important than the Kingdom or more important than YHWH or anything like that.

No man can serve both money and YHWH. Either one or the other. This doesn't mean you shouldn't have a job, earn an income to support your family and such. This does mean that money should not be more important than the things YHWH says is important such as the Kingdom, serving Him, etc.

Most pastors are just the Pharisee's of today. Mixed up priorities. It makes me so angry.

We are at the end of all things. The end of the end. Instead of getting the flocks ready for the Day of YHWH and to enter the Kingdom instead they are planning their next church expansion and building fund drive.

PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!! Get into the Word and understand the time we live in right now. Soon it will be too late. Do not rely on your preacher, teacher or pastor to lead you in the right direction. He who is lost cannot lead.

Many of you will say, well it can't be that close to the end because we aren't under a one world government and there is no anti-christ and no 2 witnesses and no abomination that causes desolation and certainly since there was no rapture of the church the tribulation hasn't even started yet. And really, we don't even have to worry because we're all going to be zapped up into heaven anyway. UGH!!!

Please for a moment get your mind out of the Dispensationalist theology created in the 1600's by the Jesuit priests trying to discredit the Reformation and look at the WHOLE WORD OF YHWH. Read Daniel with the idea that it was sealed until the time of the end, which by the way started in June 1967 when for the first time in thousands of years Israel was now in control of Jerusalem and the time of the Gentiles was over!!! Understand Daniel as it was meant from our standpoint in the time of the end and see that Revelation is not a new book but a magnifying glass to understand the time from Yahshua's death to His triumphant return.

That moment is close at hand. YHWH is bringing about the events that will bring Yahshua back! The Day is close. So close!

Are you ready? If not, I beg you, get ready now. Do not wait. Get on your knees and ask YHWH to forgive you for living in the world. Turn away from the world and all of the paganism that is in it. Give up your idols and repent of having them. Put YHWH first in your life in every way. Ask Him how He wants you to live out these last and finals days and weeks. Nothing else matters.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come to Church and Get in the Drawing for a Free IPAD! Really???

Oh dear! When I heard this I said, no way and when it was confirmed to me that it was true I was just astounded. As far as the church has fallen away from the Truth I was sickened when I heard this latest "come to our church" incentive.

Now I'm a part of a network marketing company. It pays our bills and allows me to do things like write this blog. I run incentives like this one all of the time for my "team". It's business and quite a good thing to do in business.

However church is NOT a business. There are many things I do to run my business that have no part of in a church. What in the world are these church leaders thinking? Oh right - they are in the world and they are not thinking like a believer should.

I mean, really. Should someone need an incentive like winning a free IPAD to get them in the seats? Are the teachings that bad? Here is a suggestion for you preachers out there. Perhaps if you actually taught from the Word without putting your own spin on it people would be in the seats without you bribing them. Perhaps if you filled your services with true learning about the Word and left out all of the paganism your seats would be filled with hungry minds and ears.

But you can't. I know. You're too far into it to get out now. Your dreams are filled with huge buildings filled with thousands who hang onto your every word about how they, too, can live a life of prosperity. Yes you say it's about making a difference but I ask, a difference to whom? And a difference about what?

To me, it's all about eternity and that wonderful Kingdom. If you aren't making a difference to the Kingdom then it's all going to be burned up - useless. I'm thinking that there probably isn't much use for an IPAD in the Kingdom.


Heating Up!

Things are heating up - in more ways than one! Temperatures are the highest they've been all summer and there is no sign that it's going to get cooler any time soon. That isn't the subject of this post though.

Since my dream of a week or so ago the end has been on my mind a lot. Things are coming into perspective and although I already knew we were close I didn't realize just how close we are to the end of it all. I've thought a lot about Noah. Yes, the Noah of Noah's Ark renown. I'm beginning to understand what it was like for him and his family during the time just before the flood. Heartbreaking is the word that keeps coming to my mind.

Why heartbreaking? Well. Think about it. Noah was hundreds of years old during that time. He had many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, etc. Here he was being obedient to YHWH and building this huge boat where there was no water, no lakes, no ocean. All of the people around him must have thought him absolutely crazy.

I'm sure he told them to repent and follow YHWH and they would be saved from the coming destruction. Just like some of us tell others today. No one listened. Just as no one is listening today. I'm sure he felt many emotions just like we do today. Frustration, sadness, anger and more. Why wouldn't they listen? Why aren't they listening today?

Then they entered the Ark. There was no rain in sight. No water. I'm sure he was called crazy and worse. I expect there as much laughter at their expense.

Then the rains started and the water gushing from the earth. Now instead of laughter and jeering there were cries for help. Cries from people they knew and loved. People they tried to warn but who wouldn't listen. I expect that inside that ark the tears were flowing.

Today there is once again a coming destruction. The Word tells us that it will be like as in the days of Noah. Today it has come. No one listens to the words of those saying repent and walk in YHWH's ways before it's too late. Today we are at that moment that the ark has been built and now we are just waiting for YHWH to tell us to get on and He will shut the door. The door protecting us from His wrath upon the earth and the people who did not repent and who did not follow Him and His ways.

If you are not following YHWH and His ways I beg you to reconsider one more time. Please heed this warning that the time is come and to wait any longer is to wait too long. I'm sure in Noah's time many repented after the doors were closed and the rains came but it was too late to save them. They perished in those rising waters.

I don't want even one of you to perish. Not one. I pray that you heed this message. There is great evil to come upon this earth a very short time from now. It is greater than you can even imagine. Unless Messiah comes back all will perish.

Please repent and come onto the ark of His Word. Embrace His ways and live for Him.