Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heating Up!

Things are heating up - in more ways than one! Temperatures are the highest they've been all summer and there is no sign that it's going to get cooler any time soon. That isn't the subject of this post though.

Since my dream of a week or so ago the end has been on my mind a lot. Things are coming into perspective and although I already knew we were close I didn't realize just how close we are to the end of it all. I've thought a lot about Noah. Yes, the Noah of Noah's Ark renown. I'm beginning to understand what it was like for him and his family during the time just before the flood. Heartbreaking is the word that keeps coming to my mind.

Why heartbreaking? Well. Think about it. Noah was hundreds of years old during that time. He had many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, etc. Here he was being obedient to YHWH and building this huge boat where there was no water, no lakes, no ocean. All of the people around him must have thought him absolutely crazy.

I'm sure he told them to repent and follow YHWH and they would be saved from the coming destruction. Just like some of us tell others today. No one listened. Just as no one is listening today. I'm sure he felt many emotions just like we do today. Frustration, sadness, anger and more. Why wouldn't they listen? Why aren't they listening today?

Then they entered the Ark. There was no rain in sight. No water. I'm sure he was called crazy and worse. I expect there as much laughter at their expense.

Then the rains started and the water gushing from the earth. Now instead of laughter and jeering there were cries for help. Cries from people they knew and loved. People they tried to warn but who wouldn't listen. I expect that inside that ark the tears were flowing.

Today there is once again a coming destruction. The Word tells us that it will be like as in the days of Noah. Today it has come. No one listens to the words of those saying repent and walk in YHWH's ways before it's too late. Today we are at that moment that the ark has been built and now we are just waiting for YHWH to tell us to get on and He will shut the door. The door protecting us from His wrath upon the earth and the people who did not repent and who did not follow Him and His ways.

If you are not following YHWH and His ways I beg you to reconsider one more time. Please heed this warning that the time is come and to wait any longer is to wait too long. I'm sure in Noah's time many repented after the doors were closed and the rains came but it was too late to save them. They perished in those rising waters.

I don't want even one of you to perish. Not one. I pray that you heed this message. There is great evil to come upon this earth a very short time from now. It is greater than you can even imagine. Unless Messiah comes back all will perish.

Please repent and come onto the ark of His Word. Embrace His ways and live for Him.


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