Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come to Church and Get in the Drawing for a Free IPAD! Really???

Oh dear! When I heard this I said, no way and when it was confirmed to me that it was true I was just astounded. As far as the church has fallen away from the Truth I was sickened when I heard this latest "come to our church" incentive.

Now I'm a part of a network marketing company. It pays our bills and allows me to do things like write this blog. I run incentives like this one all of the time for my "team". It's business and quite a good thing to do in business.

However church is NOT a business. There are many things I do to run my business that have no part of in a church. What in the world are these church leaders thinking? Oh right - they are in the world and they are not thinking like a believer should.

I mean, really. Should someone need an incentive like winning a free IPAD to get them in the seats? Are the teachings that bad? Here is a suggestion for you preachers out there. Perhaps if you actually taught from the Word without putting your own spin on it people would be in the seats without you bribing them. Perhaps if you filled your services with true learning about the Word and left out all of the paganism your seats would be filled with hungry minds and ears.

But you can't. I know. You're too far into it to get out now. Your dreams are filled with huge buildings filled with thousands who hang onto your every word about how they, too, can live a life of prosperity. Yes you say it's about making a difference but I ask, a difference to whom? And a difference about what?

To me, it's all about eternity and that wonderful Kingdom. If you aren't making a difference to the Kingdom then it's all going to be burned up - useless. I'm thinking that there probably isn't much use for an IPAD in the Kingdom.


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