Friday, July 9, 2010

There is a Heaviness in the Air

I'm not talking about humidity. I'm talking about a heaviness that you can't explain. Websites abound with a "something is about to happen but we don't know what" sense. People are throwing out all kinds of ideas but no one knows for sure.

People who believe in the Word of YHWH (the Bible) know it has something to do with the end of all things. Secular people and sites are putting their own spin on it. It's interesting to me that most everyone is feeling like something is about to happen.

July 11th seems to be the start of something big. Something that is either going to happen or it's going to be the start of something happening that will continue to gain momentum into the fall.

For those of you who read my site you know already what I believe. I believe that in the end even those who don't believe in Him or that He is coming back will know that something is different. They will just attempt to put other reasons in His place.

There are so many things lining up to dismiss it all. The Gulf Oil disaster, the venom between Israel and Iran and so many in the world siding against Israel in their handling of every thing they do, the fact that our current leadership in the U.S.A. is turning against Israel and turning more towards pleasing the Muslim nations in the Middle East and so much more.

I am reminded that no matter what to keep these two things in mind at all times. Trust Him and Obey Him. Stay in His Word and Trust that no matter what is happening that He is in control and there is nothing for me to worry about. That even should I die, I shall end up in the right place. With Him. Nothing else matters.

I will obey His commands and trust Him through this time of trouble ahead. I don't know what He has in store for me but it doesn't matter. Only His will be done.


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