Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christians and the Occult

The occult is all over the internet and amazingly it is also all over so-called Christian forums. I think people need to be very, very careful with this type of thing. There are many, many spirits about in these last days. s.a.tan has indeed stepped up his game and he is about the earth seeking those to destroy. He does NOT need to go after the world as they already belong to him. He is going after believers. You, me and everyone we know who believes in Yahweh.

This is not to say that some will not dream dreams or have visions. That IS foretold in the Word. But there is an enormous amount of talk on Christian forums these days about the occult. Cards, bots, UFO's, crop circles and the like. The evil one is creeping in little by little. Seemingly innocent at first but what is it going to take to get a hold of you? Or someone else that is struggling in their faith. Will something they see lead them down a dark path and away from Yahweh? Not many are strong enough to say no to that lure.

We all want to know when this is all going to be over. I am no different. Every day I want His return. This world seems so heavy and there is no good to be found. BUT relying on occult forms of divination is wrong and is likely to show us as no different than the world at best and at worst may cause a baby believer to stumble and be swept away by the evil one.

We need to trust Him and be in His Word and rely on no occult forms of divination. It would be wise to remember the perils of King Saul.


We have been in tribulation since the apostles time. 250,000+ are martyred every year. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the 500 believers were martyred in Africa just for believing in Messiah. As one of the only countries in the world who has not lived through a physical war on their territory, Americans have a strange way of looking at the bible and the tribulation it speaks of. Believers elsewhere around the world know that we have been, as John said, Rev 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Messiah Yahshua, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of Yahweh, and for the testimony of Messiah Yahshua.

Messiah talks in Matthew about the birth pangs. As most women know birth pangs continually get closer together and more intense. This has been happening the past 2000 years and will continue until He returns. We are at the point now that where those birth pangs are right on top of each other. We are there, very close. Millions upon millions have been killed in these past 2000 years, starting with Yahshua and Stephen. Those are the ones in Revelation crying out to Yahweh, when will justice be done? Revelation is the key to understanding the entire Bible. It helps us to understand what was going to happen in the last 2000 years of this time of s.a.tan. We find out what the evil one was going to do to Yahweh's people. It was a warning of what all of us were going to have to live through and how we would get through it or maybe even be martyred.

That time is almost over. We are at the end. The walls are closing in on believers everywhere and should He not return soon there will be none left that know His Name. Even now there is only a small remnant as most of the world is after worldly things; money, career, other religions, fame and fortune, selves, UFO's and the like. There are not many that spend their time chewing on Yahweh's Word and living their lives for Him. Churches all over the world are being used for other things, even other religions. Most of the so-called Christian world, in a poll by Barna, does not believe that the Bible is 100% correct. Much of the so-called Christian world believes in evolution and questions the truth of the Messiah and His resurrection.

So how many true believers are there? I have no clue. But He does. He knows those who as in John 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

I do know though that things are getting closer than ever before. As He said, we will know the signs of His coming. They are all around us. Israel is a nation and surrounded by enemies who want her gone. Jews are looking for their Messiah and, praise Him, many of those Jews are now believing that Messiah has come in the Name of Yahshua. It is almost time for Him to return and for them to see who it is they pierced. The Jews Day of Atonement is not far away and they will mourn over their great mistake.

There are 3 of Yahweh's set-apart feast days to yet happen. They all fore-tell of the end of the end.

Feast of Trumpets - that last great Trump will sound and Yahshua will come for the Day of Yahweh! This is a great and terrible day for the whole world. Many will try to hide as the wrath of Yahweh is poured upon the earth and true believers will be protected by the Messiah that they loved and obeyed.

Day of Atonement - the scales will come off of the Jews whose eyes have been sealed by Yahweh in order for the news of Messiah to go out to the gentile world. They will see the one they pierced and go into deep mourning and sorrow.

Feast of Tabernacles - Shalom and the true peace of Yahweh will be with us in our rest for all eternity. We will make our tents and be with Him. HalleluYAH!

Will it be this year during the feasts, next or the next I don't know but Yahweh goes on His time, not the worlds. It will be according to His set-apart Feasts that He finishes His great work!

Are you ready? Are you immersed in Him? Are you set-apart? I pray you are. If not, the time is almost gone for you to belong to Him. The road is narrow, and hard, for those that follow Him. I hope you are on that road before it's too late.