Friday, October 29, 2010

Well It's That Time Of Year Again

So begins the time of year that I detest! October begins the pagan festival hoopla. Can we just skp forward to January? No, probably not.

Let me say that if you are not a follower of Yahweh, God of the Bible, then I don't care what festival you celebrate. This is only aimed at those who say they are Christians, or followers of the Almighty God.

Some friends of ours recently were convicted to stop celebrating pagan festivals such as halloween and christmas. They posted on facebook to that effect. The backlash against them from their family and friends was to them horrendous. To me, it was expected. People of faith don't like their cherished traditions messed with and if one of their friends isn't doing it anymore that automatically challenges them. My friend didn't even say that his family and friends shouldn't do it either, he just simply said that they were not doing it anymore. That in itself was the challenge.

When I am challenged on something like this I automatically go into inspection mode. I go to the Word of Yahweh and see if the person is onto something that I should know about. I want to be right with Yahweh. I don't want to be following my own path. Sadly, I've found that most people are not like that. When you challenge their traditions they get defensive and very mean.

I posted on my friends post to encourage them and was attacked myself. That's OK I told them because I have thick skin when it comes to this stuff. You get attacked enough for the same stuff over and over and pretty soon it doesn't much matter anymore what someone says to you.

Halloween is a pagan festival. It may be cute little princess costumes today but it is steeped in evil. Human sacrifices to pagan gods and much more. Even the words "trick or treat" have a much deeper meaning. Do you really want to open the door to evil? Even a tiny crack?

Many say that it's not the same festival that it used to be.'s roots are pure evil from satan. How is it that we can take something so evil and turn it into anything good? We can't. In His Word Yahweh warns us over and over and over again to be set apart. To live our lives in a godly manner, staying away from all evil.

Here is an interesting read about this pagan festival:

I pray that Yahweh convicts you and gives you the courage to stand firm in His Word against all of the evils of this world. It is definitely not an easy road but worthwhile.


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