Monday, October 27, 2008

Ellis Skolfield - End of Days, Islam, and what about the Tribulation???

I just have to recommend another excellent read for those of you who love end times and prophecy. This is another entirely new thought process and you will need to go into it very open minded. I first read some of Ellis Skolfields work a few years ago when I was a firm believer in a pretribulation rapture according to the Left Behind series of books. I read a bit and put it down thinking man he is way out in left field and I don't want to read another thing. So I didn't. Until last week.

Funny the path that God puts us on. I'm convinced that our journey will take us as far as our obedience to God will. The minute the obedience stops, so does the knowledge, widsom and understanding. Every day I ask God for those three things and I work to be obedient to His Word, the Bible. And He continues to reward me by leading me on a path of more and more knowledge of Him and His ways.

Matthew 7:8 "For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Many people are taught this verse in relation to their physical life. A nice house, car, bank account, etc. I believe this verse means to ask for spiritual gifts and they will be given to you. Gifts of understanding, knowledge and wisdom are gifts that I desire from my God and I believe He is and has given them to me.

So back to the topic at hand. Mr. Ellis Skolfield. Last week I happened across his work again. In fact twice it was shown to me in different ways. This is where the obedience kicks in. I try not to make God show me too many times or I think He just might stop showing me. So I looked Mr. Skolfield up again. I read through his website.

Mr. Skolfield has many letters, articles and books free online just for the time to download them. This is a big thing to me. That this information is out there at no charge shows a giving heart by Mr. Skolfield.

I downloaded and printed off the book, The Last Prophet. Approximately 190 pages and read it, finishing it over the weekend. Get ready for a major paradigm shift in your end times thinking. You may be like me a few years ago and throw it to the ground saying, that's absurd. Or you may be like me now, going hmmmmmm...let's see what the bible says about this.....oh my well this is starting to make a lot of good sense.

We've all heard of the 7-year tribulation, 3.5 year great tribulation, antichrist, mark of the beast, false prophet, and all the rest of the end times verbiage. Prophecies in Daniel, Matthew, Ezekiel and of course Revelation have peaked curiosities for centuries. Problem is, according to Mr. Skolfield, none of those prophecies could possibly make sense until 1948 and 1967. Why? Two reasons: Israel and Jerusalem.

Want to know more? Go to and click on books & essays. On that page you will see a free download for chapters 1 - 9 and 10 -17 of the False Prophet. You will also see several other free downloads for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your opinion.


Jim Carlton said...

As we clothe our selves in God's word and remain vigilant and aware, I believe we will witness signs and wonders those blind to the Word will never see.

Nice Blog my dear.

Keep the Faith

Kathe said...

Thanks so much Jim. Today especially it is a welcome comment to read. Love to you and your darling wife. Kathe

Pretzelogical said...

Yes, Skolfield's book, "The False Prophet" made a huge impression on me as I just read it twice in three days. I will be reading it again and studying further. I found your link to this blog at another site, totally unaware you had read the book. I cannot find anything contrary to scripture in what he writes. It has me praising God for the great things He has done!

Sam Pennington said...

I was fortunate to come across the False Prophet right after it was published, and read it several times. It truly upset my spiritual apple cart. I have since gotten to know Ellis Skolfield, and have never met a more dedicated servant of the Lord. It is my priviledge to call him my friend and I strongly encourtage the downloading of this book.

Carol Barry said...

here are Mr. Skolfield's teachings on youtube !!!
This 3 year babe in faith also found the TRUTH that set me free from fear about the future !!
God bless !!

rodlie said...

Hi kathe, i am Rodlie from India, and i have also read 'The False Prophet'. I am a catholic who resides in India and have been fortunate enough to read Mr. Skolfields work. Like others out there, i am also fascinated with the word of God. I mean we always look for the right guidance, direction and purpose of life without being one with the one who created us, our Abba Father. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding as these virtues are the pillars of getting one with the Lord. I hope and pray for all of us breathing on this wonderful earth that one day we all realize and know the truth about our Lord as the truth shall set us free. I hope you get this comment of mine... would love to share the word and perhaps get to learn more about our ever so generous Father! Take Care, God Bless you and your family!

Reforming Baptist said...

I read it a few years ago and was very impressed by his mathematical wizardry.

When one guy in all of Church history says he's figured out a whole section of theolgoy and that everyone else has been out to lunch for 2000 years smacks of arrogance at best and a new cult leader at worst.

It's easy to get Wow'ed by his math, instead of being wow'd by God's revelation.

The foundations of his whole theology are seriously flawed. He has no business taking the 70th week and turning into a span of 2500 years. The "man of sin" being Islam? Now, we have to add a new definition to the dictionary under the word "man".

I think that the closer we get to the end, the more nutball stuff is going to come out to cause confusion.

mhardye said...

Dear Kathe, many times in my life I have found that I must just do what He says. Ellis Skolfied's works also set me thinking, previously I had had the benefit of being taught by an ex-Imam on Islam. EK's writing fits in perfectly to the teachings I received. Thanks for sharing your finds!!!
Marcos from Buenos Aires

marina said...

I am a Muslim and just like Christians, we too struggle to understand the unfolding events of the world today and how it leads us nearer to the end of times.

Therefore I would like to recommend reading this book authored by Maulana Imran Nazar Hosein titled Jerusalem in the Quran, or you can browse his website and download the e-book at

Read with an open mind and I'm sure it'll open a whole new perspective of understanding about Islam and Israel, of course in an Islamic point of view. It will be a tremendous benefit for all.

mhfivehills said...

To all who tread on this link, greetings and with humble apology to my reformed baptist friend...if YOU open the door to what is actually happening outside your doors now. If you are a student of prophecy, you had best fit all world events including THE BEAST i.e ISLAM, the rise of false prophets, ufo's, demonology or fallen angel's false religions JW'S, MORMONISM, 7DA. etc and see the total picture, yes this is deep but, how else can it be explained away, don't close your eyes because it doesn't fit your understanding, be open and the Holy Spirit will lead you, mike

Reforming Baptist said...

I believe in exposition of scripture according to the grammatical contextual method of scripture interpreting scripture. I don't believe in newspaper exegesis as Ellis Skolfield and other "alagorical" interpreters do.

Kathe said...

Dear Reforming Baptist,

Thank you for your comments. In your first comment you posted this: "When one guy in all of Church history says he's figured out a whole section of theolgoy and that everyone else has been out to lunch for 2000 years smacks of arrogance at best and a new cult leader at worst."

Well, first off Mr. Skolfield is not and has not been the only one who thinks this way and two, the path is narrow and few are on it.

I strongly question a theology which is so main stream that they sell millions of books and make movies from it. That road seems pretty wide to me.

Just a few weeks ago 500 Christians were martyred in Nigeria, mostly women and children, by Islamic Muslims. Those are some of them in white waiting at YHWH's feet for this time of the end to be over so that justice is done.

Who are we in the Western church to think that because we are not facing death that we are not in tribulation. Over 1/4 million Jews and Christians are killed annually just because they refuse to join Islam.

America believes the fairy tale of left behind. America is in for a big surprise and it's not a nice one. How many in the church are going to be like the Chinese Christians that Corrie Ten Boom writes about who when faced with the fact that they were in tribulation, because they believed the left behind lie, they turned from Messiah and lost their salvation? You say it will never happen but it has.

Why should you be strong in Him and arm yourself with the tools that you need in Him when you don't think you'll ever need them?


Reforming Baptist said...

Thanks Kathe,
The narrow gate and the broad way is referring to entering the kingdom of God to be saved in the context of the sermon on the mount. Again, the arguments i keep getting, even on my blog when I wrote about Skolfield, are circumstantial arguments not exegesis and exposition. I understand your concern, but the tribulation according to the Bible is much worse than anything that anyone is experiencing today in any place in the world.

The Left Behind series is usually what the allegorical interpreters like to point at as exhibit A of faulty eschatology. Well, I agree that alot of the Tim Lahaye stuff is more fiction than theological, but the natural literal interpretation of scripture is coherent with all of scripture.

But people will believe what they want to believe no matter how clearly and carefully scripture is exegeted. I suspect that those who follow after the Skolfield are people who have been exposed to nothing more than rapture chart teachings instead of careful exegesis.

Kathe said...

Dear Reforming Baptist,

Most people that I know of who are followers of the teachings of Ellis are not as you say, rapture chart readers, but in fact are rock solid bible students. Speaking for myself I believe in reading the entire Word over and over again start to finish as well as picking it apart one book at a time.

We are not the take one verse or two to make up a theology type of folks by any means. More serious bible students would be hard to find.

It's sad to see false labels attached because we don't happen to agree with your end times theology.

I just have to wonder, just how bad does it have to get before the pre-trib rapture folks get the message that tribulation is upon us? The "It's not bad enough yet" is the mantra that I hear a lot of these days.

Thanks for your comments. It's good to have discussion.

Reforming Baptist said...

When I see the man of sin standing in the temple at Jerusalem (which hasn't been built yet) declaring himself to be god above all other gods as Daniel and Paul clearly describe in literal terms, and when I see plagues like that of Moses in the Exodus then I'll believe we're in the tribulation and somehow got the rapture wrong.

Then I'll be waiting for the sign that the Disciples asked for in Matthew 25 - the son of Man coming in the clouds.

We'll all find out one way or the other won't we?

truthseeker said...

Reforming Baptist, I am a member of a Southern Baptist church, so there are quite a few beliefs we have in common. Literal interpretation of all scripture is not one of them, however. The Bible has been written in a number of literary (Joshua, Judges, and Ruthnot literal, please note)styles. The Pentateuch, or books of the Law, are all historical accounts, as are Joshua, Judges, Ruth Esther, The two books of Samuel, the books of the Kings, and the two books of Chronicles. These are definitely to be taken literally. Others, such as Song of Solomon, are allegorical , and should be interpreted as such. In Daniel, prophetic visions are figurative in their language. The same holds true for the entire book of Revelation, There are figurative markers all over these passages. The problem most people run into in trying to figure out these prophecies, is that they are looking for a literal interpretation, which leads them down a wrong path. The fact is, you cannot have a literal fulfillment of a prophecy written in figurative language. It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. (Note: that last sentence is an example of figurative language.)
I have been studying the prophecies in light of Skofield's views, researching his facts, dates, etc, and the only discrepancy I've found did not affect his results one bit. It involves the construction of the Dome of the Rock. He said it was begun in 688. Encarta Encyclopedia has the dates of construction beginning in 685 AD and ending in 691 AD. Guess what the middle year of that range is. 688! So he is still correct with his findings.

I would like to ask you a question. What range of years is widely accepted regarding the time of Christ's death and resurrection?

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

I have studied Bible "prophecy" in the light of scripture for the past twenty - five years. I have read, studied and prayed over just about every end-times theology out there. All of that study only left me more confused. I began to pray in earnest that the Lord would reveal the truth to me. Then I cam across Ellis Skolfield's work-actually quite by accident. I printed off his material and read it. I can't even begin to tell you the revelation that I experienced. It was plain as the nose on my face and I never saw it before. Everything that I was witnessing as I watch world news, read the papers, it was all there. In history, in the Bible and in our daily news. I had volumes of books on my shelf about prophecy- I honestly threw them all out after reading Eli's work. They were all false teachings and now that I knew the truth, there was no way to deny it. Islam is the antichrist. All of history speaks of this truth. the Koran itself speaks of it. Christians today have become blind and deaf-just as the Holy Scriptures predicted long ago. Look up- for our redemption is drawing nigh....

Kathe said...

Thank you Nakamuras on Saipan for your comments. It was the same for me. All of those prophecy books thrown out after reading Ellis' work. To have something line up so well with actual Scripture rather than the twisting that is normally done was so refreshing. Be blessed.

William Tyndale said...


Back in June 2010, you said :

"When I see the man of sin standing in the temple at Jerusalem (which hasn't been built yet) declaring himself to be god above all other gods as Daniel and Paul clearly describe in literal terms,...I'll believe we're in the tribulation and somehow got the rapture wrong."

First of all, I've never seen this site before. I've never read any of Skolfield's works before (besides browsing them and having an equal number of questions as "amen"s). I don't know anyone here. But I have been studying the very passage you speak about. And at the very least, have to say that the interpretation of "temple" is not monolithic.

Notice :

1. Paul NEVER uses the underlying Greek term (naos) as a physical temple (yes, Jesus did use it in a physical sense, but He also used it in a spiritual sense, so His usage doesn't clarify anything for us - it is Paul writing here). In fact, that phrase "temple of God" is never used in a physical sense in the NT (unless you want to believe this verse is the only one).

2. Notice the character of the worship-temple relationship. He is exalted above all that is called God SO THAT he, AS GOD sits in the temple of God. The worship and adoration given him PUTS HIM in the temple. That is clearly not going into the temple SO THAT he is worshipped.

3. And, consistently, if worship puts him there, we can understand this as a spiritual temple which the converted non-Jews would certainly receive. What interest would a group of Gentiles have in a rebuilt temple? They never had much interest in the original Israelite temple to begin with.

I don't see how this can be a physical temple - certainly not the way Paul has it.

That said, I can't comment too much on Skolfield's position. If he believes Islam to be the man of sin, I would have to disagree. The false prophet, sure, but the man of sin comes from within the professing church.

Victoria said...

Is there any scripture in the Bible which precludes a revealing of the Man of Sin somewhere mid-way in the panorama of the Church Age? Say, for instance, the seventh century AD? The Man of Sin "will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God". According to the teachings of Islam, Mohammad is the final and most important prophet of history, both superseding and eclipsing our Lord Jesus. Is not Jesus called "God"? He indeed IS God, praise the Lord! I would be quite surprised if the one spoken of in 2 Thes. (not yet revealed at the time the letter was written) was revealed in the person of Mohammad, the single most anti-Christian individual ever to live. Who has caused more death, destruction and spiritual blindness over the course of Christian history, I ask? In fact, this same false prophet, this ultimate Son of Perdition, is destined to for the lake of fire along with the beast which is Islam. They will be joined there by Satan, their spiritual father who deceived them, along with every human being who rejects the light of the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Skolfield doesnt believe islam is the man of sin. He believes islam is the religion of the false prophet. He also believes that the Lion Bear Leopard that is spoken of by the prophet John is the beast. Skolfield has a whole study on "the man of sin" and it comes from within the church. All false anti-christ religions originate thru christianity first and change the gospel into a different gospel just like paul said. Islam, mormonism, jehovah's witness and so on all take the diety of christ away. This is a distortion of the gospel. Here is the link to what Ellis Skolfield thinks of "the man of sin". "... it would seem we are left with no choice but to understand that the "man of sin" may be revealed in the body of a regenerate believer". -Ellis Skolfield

kapal_kertas said...

I am an ex-Muslim, after about a year from my departure from Islam, I read his book and embraced Christianity thereafter.

Kathe said...

That is awesome Kapal! Praise Almighty Yahweh for His Amazing Grace in your life!

Anonymous said...

It was Hidden Beast that I first read 20 years ago. It was like a window that opened answering all my questions that unverifiable evangelical teaching never did. Figurative language, bifids and chiasms further lighted the path. I have exchanged emails and phone calls with Ellis and met him in 2006. The is a most humble man who has a relationship with Jesus.
His books tell his story, his search for the truth. I have the greatest love and respect for him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
Thanks for this blog. Where do I start from? Well, I have to say Thank You Jesus! for making come across Ellis Skolfield books and articles. The truth is that my view about life is no longer the same after reading these materials. I had been taught in the pre-trib rapture, 7-year of Great tribulations, followed by one thousand year of Christ's reign with the saints on earth(Millenium), then Satan to be released from the bottomless pit to deceive the whole world Ushering in the battle of Armagedon! Wow, what passion I used to teach these things in those days! Until I read ES books. But one question that came from the book is that how sensibly can u explain the fact that Satan will still be able to deceive the whole world and fight Christ after the kingdom has been delivered to The Father by the Son at His coming? Can anyone who teaches this millennium etc answer this in a logical way? It iis written in the book of revelation that after the LAST TRUMPET there will be TIME NO MORE! It is also written that the Kingdom will be handed of to the Father (paraphrasing) etc, so why can't we see in humble manner what ES has researched and written for the church? Why are we labeling the humble man of integrity as a leader of a new CULT? Church, can you wake up from your slumber? How come 6 trumpets have sounded and yet we are not taking cognizance of these? With all the graphical descriptions of the 7 bowls in Revelation starring us at the face in our days and yet we are still waiting for some future fulfillment of already fulfilled and being fulfilled prophecies? No wonder we are Laodecian church in these last days! No wonder Jesus Christ was addressing individuals to wake up because the church keep saying that I am rich, I am need of nothing etc. This is definitely the end of time, no question about that. And no denying the fact thatnthe only thing remaining to be fulfilled is THE LAST TRUMPET and then THERE WILL BE TIME NO MORE. There should be a sense of urgency for every believer. There is no time left to keep arguing and cAlling each other names. Let's preach this gospel of the Kingdom correctly as it should be preached, for the end has come.

sptrfn said...

Here's another tidbit: Jesus talks about people giving and taking in marriage in Matthew 24 in relation to when he comes back.

He says that it will be like the time of Noah.

Now, who will be giving in taking in marriage? The Fallen Angels that were doing that right before Noah built the Ark. That hasn't happened yet, obviously.

Anonymous said...


Jesus only made reference to marrying and giving in marriage. Nothing about "taking" which would seem to imply the application of force as in the case of fallen spirits in the days of Noah.
I found however that Paul gives greater light to this teaching in 1 Corinthian 7:32-40. He speaks of the distraction of marriage that attunes us to the cares of this material world and away from the things of GOD. He strongly urges those who are not married to remain unmarried so that their focus is on that which is to come instead of "How to pay the rent," so to speak. However he does not condemn marriage nor those who do marry. As a matter of fact he says it is better to marry than burn with such passions (which likewise distracts us from the spiritual things of GOD). And closes these thoughts with the conclusion that "not being given in/to marriage is simply better given the times because one will pay better attention to the times.

Anonymous said...

After I read in the hadith, that Mohammed declared to his wife that a jinn choked him in a cave, and that it is she who calmed his shaking by assuring him that Allah would not let him be harmed and further that "surely you are a prophet to this people"....I realized the whole of Islam was invented by a mere woman.....who Islam hates....and her words reveal plainly that Allah was already being worshipped in Mecca before mohammed's revelations started...another worth while author on this subject is Walid Shoebat. a former terorist.who found Christ and agrees with Mr. Scolfield with staggering insights into end time prophecy from his middle east eyes

kapal_kertas said...

He's so inspiring. I have compiled his important studies at my site here,

Anonymous said...

I have read most of Ellis's works, and I am looking to find like minded believers to have association with. I live in Douglasville, Ga. Any direction would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I also found ES teachings to align with scripture more than any other teaching out there. I still have one question that I haven't found addressed anywhere in ES teachings...Zechariah 14. It also points to the millennial kingdom and I've studied the 1000 years until satan is released. The 1000 year infinitive plural doesn't really seem to hold up since John uses it thoughout Revelation in some spots where an infinitive plural wouldn't make sense. I've also tried to look for potential dates in the past 2500+ years where this 1000 years could have started but I haven't found anything yet. I'm in complete agreement that ES teachings are inline with scripture but this is the only question I haven't been able to align completely with scripture. Thank you and GOD bless!!!

Sondra Treasure said...

I just finished reading Islam in Prophecy and The False Prophet. I love having my eyes opened! This is exciting, and I am reading the word in a whole new. I also agree that giving it away instead of selling it shows a willingness to promote the word and not profit from their ministry. :)

Scott Boyte said...

So,I had been praying for God to lead and guide me into all truth and understanding. I have a Pentecostal/Methodist/Baptist background and have never been comfortable with the dispensation interpretation; especially Daniel 9:27. Having said that, the first time I came across Skolfield's work, I read through some of it and dismissed it, thinking it was historicism or preterism. That shows you how off base I was.
Long story short, God was revealing Rev.13 to me and I ordered the False Prophet not knowing what was inside. I have studied it intensely and listened to his teachings on Youtubes several times. I am now in full agreement. Ask, and you shall receive; seek, and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open. Amen.