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The Law and the Prophets!

The Law

It seems that many Christian today are against Christians obeying the Commandments of Yahweh. I find this disturbing since Yahshua kept the Commandments perfectly and if He hadn't then He would not have been our perfect sacrifice and none of us would have a chance in hell of making it into the Kingdom.

There are two parts to the Torah. One is the Commandments and the other is the Sacrificial system. Yahshua became the perfect sacrifice which supersedes the entire sacrificial system and made it redundant. He, in His own words in Matthew, said that the Law and the Prophets will stand until His return.

Many say, "well that was Yahshua but after His death and resurrection that all changed". Well I say, "then He was a liar because of His words in Matthew". And if that is true then why did Paul and the Apostles and the early church for 300 years keep the Sabbath, keep the Feast times and keep the Commandments?

It wasn't until the time of Constantine that most of the church folded under pressure from the church in Rome that they converted to Sunday worship (the Lords Day). At that time also adopted the pagan festivals which were re-named to pacify the growing Christian church.

Those who keep the Commands of Yahweh are not doing it to be saved. At least the many that keep them that I know. We keep them because we absolutely love Yahweh and His Son Yahshua and we are being obedient because we love Him.

We do not keep the sacrificial system because we are trying to save ourselves, we do it because we are honoring Him and we are so grateful to Him. By keeping the Commandments and not being able to keep them perfectly, we understand the magnitude of what He did for us. Without the Law there is no sin. Without sin, there is no need of a sacrifice. When I fail to keep the law, when I mess up, and I do, I have Him. I don't need to kill a goat. He is our ultimate and much needed sacrifice.

Every day that I go to bed knowing that I wasn't perfect in keeping His law that day I thank Him for what He did for me. It was an ENORMOUS gift that He did not have to give to me. Without the Law what do I need Him for?

So I will live my life honoring Him by obeying and trusting Him. There is no more to it than that.

To those of you who constantly are saying that we are trying to "earn" our way into the Kingdom that is a lie. Earning it is impossible. You cannot even begin to earn your way. Just because we keep the Commandments doesn't mean we are trying to earn our way. Our way into the Kingdom is a gift, pure and simple.

The Prophets

In Matthew 5:17 - 19 Yahshua also tells us to listen to the Prophets. Those prophetical books are there for us to learn. They tell us what is going to happen and how it is going to happen and who are enemy is. Without those books we are in the dark.

Many Christians today do not read the prophets or when they do, because our Bibles have been severely redacted by publishers and because the average person doesn't bother to look further into history, we are deceived at just who our enemy is today. In fact, most Christians would be shocked if they realized that the people they support most are in fact, their enemy of over 3,000 years.

Yahshua and John the Baptist knew who they were and constantly called them out on it. The people of Yahshua's time knew who they were and were afraid of them. Down through the centuries they have behind every single one of the wars we have fought and the crimes against the Christian church. They have murdered hundreds of millions of Christians. And they have brainwashed the current Christian community that they are Yahweh's chosen people and throw the "I will bless them that bless you and curse those that curse you" verse around as a mantra. Knowing full well that the blessing and cursing is meant for Israel, not them. And they laugh about it behind closed doors (and sometimes not so closed doors).

Read through the Gospels and read the words of Yahshua when He spoke to them. Never, not once, did He acknowledge that they were of His sheep. In fact He said exactly the opposite and said they were of their father the devil.

In John chapter 8 they admitted that they were of Abraham but not of Jacob. (read now they say that they were never enslaved and remember Israel/Jacob/12 tribes were enslaved in Egypt). Both Yahshua and they knew that they were of Esau, not Jacob. They knew that He knew and that is why He was murdered. They were afraid that He would rise up according to the Scriptures and finally get rid of them. (It was not the time then but that time is coming).

Then research and find out who owns Wall Street and the Banks. Who owns the Federal Reserve. Who owns Hollywood and all major media including TV, Radio and all major publishing houses including those that publish the majority of Bibles and Christian books today. Find out who is behind the scenes controlling our government including the white house, the senate, the congress and the judicial system. What about our food sources? Who is really behind of taking God out of schools and government? Who are the highest Masons? Who are the Rothchild's? Who are the CFR? They won't be Christians. Who is running our educational system? Who are at the head of most major universities? Who controls the money system for the world? Who makes a profit no matter which way the political system in America goes? A little bit of time researching will give you the answers.

Then look at the prophecies concerning Israel and honestly ask yourself have the people we call Jews really fulfilled these amazing prophecies? No way. They haven't even come close to it. Most of them are atheists and have not done anything to help spread the Gospel of Yahshua. Most of them hate Him.

Then get yourself a copy of the Babylonian Talmud. This is their most holy book and what they live by. You think the Koran is bad? The Koran was modeled after the Babylonian Talmud.

Israel was chosen by Yahweh to be a servant leader to the world. To lead the world through service into worshiping Yahweh. Have the Jews done that? Who has?

Read the Talmud and it says the opposite of serving. It says that every Jew will have 1,000 slaves from the Christians. This is the book that every Jew is well read by their adulthood. Then look about the world today and see who is really in control?

There is documented proof of high-ranking Jews saying things like the following: Anyone who is not a Jew is a dog; that the life of 1,000 non-Jews is not even worth a fingernail of a Jew; that anyone who is not a Jew is meant to be a slave of a Jew. This is only a bit of what is out there if you search for it.

Please wake up to the truth before it's too late. We cannot continue to support the very people who are trying to destroy us. One Jew made the comment in the 80's that they hoped to have all Christians destroyed by the year 2000. Thank Yahweh they are behind schedule. And He promises in His Word that He will come back before we are all destroyed.

He also says that we will be destroyed through out lack of understanding. Understand who the enemy is. Did you know that 90% of Jews in America are not even from Palestine and not from the line of Shem. They are not even Semitic peoples. They can be traced historically as going back to the line of Japeth. Many others trace their line to Esau. This is another thing they have turned against us. Antisemitism is a word introduced by the Zionists to protect themselves against Christians knowing the truth about them. When in fact it should truly be the other way around.

Yahweh warns us against colluding with the enemy. His enemy. When we support them we are against Yahweh and we will be judged by Him for that.

Do NOT take my word for it. Research it yourself. I'm just a mom, a grandmom, a wife that stumbled across the truth and was at first astonished, then sick to my stomach, then just plain mad that I had been deceived for so long. How much money I had sent to the enemy. How many times I prayed for their salvation and safety. I was sick. I prayed for the truth to be given to me from His Word and He delivered. He is amazing!!

The Prophets knew. Read the prophets. Read the Gospels. Ask Yahweh to open your mind to the truth and to show you the way. Don't take the word of this woman you don't know.

I'm not here to convince you or argue with you. The truth is out there if you search for it. I pray that you get out of the doctrine we have all been indoctrinated with and ask Him for clarity and wisdom and discernment and knowledge to know the truth. I'm no expert and still learning myself. I just had to share my heart with you all today.

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