Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Which Side Are You On?

His will be done.  No matter what.  No one will be or was elected without His permission.  If Romney was supposed to be elected then he would have been.  What does that tell His followers?  That His timeline is moving along and we are that much closer to His return.  His Word tells us that wise men will know and will prepare.  My heart is sick that we have to go through this but I'm not afraid.  I trust Him and obey Him and He tells us that those who do will be protected.  I believe Him.  Trust and obey.  Just what does that mean?  It means to do what He wants instead of what we want.  It means to follow His commands and not make up our own.  It means to live by His word and not what any man or woman says.  His Word is clear.  Yahshua Himself said to keep the commands.  If we trust Him we will obey Him. 

Many say they don't have to keep the commands because that is Old Testament.  Many in the church say that.  (hmmmmmm....wonder if that has anything to do with the state of our world and country today???)  The problem with that is not only did Yahshua keep the commands but He told His followers to keep them as well.  (Matt. 5:17-19)  He did not say, well I'm saying this now but in a few months I'm going to die and be resurrected and then you don't have to keep them any more.  After He died the apostles were still keeping the Law.  They did not adhere to the sacrificial system anymore.  They didn't need that as Yahshua became the ultimate sacrifice.  There is record that Peter kept the dietary laws.  They kept the Sabbath and the Feast days and times. 

Not only that, they did NOT partake in pagan festivals and rituals.  As I was driving around this morning doing errands and talking with Yahweh it came to me clearly that He cannot bless this nation.  This nation does not keep His commands and they love their pagan festivals.  They won't give them up.  They justify in their minds that it is OK.  They say it is tradition.  (Tradition going back over 4,000 years).  They have not read the Old Testament where their ancestors, the Israelite's, did the same thing.  Justify, justify, justify.  It's OK now because.....(fill in the blank).  Yahweh told them to turn away from their sin.  Turn away from idol worship.  Turn away from pagan rituals and celebrations.  They refused.  First the Northern Kingdom of Israel, then the Southern Kingdom of Judah.  Yahweh had enough and sent them into captivity.  A captivity that we are still in.  And yet we still refuse to turn away from sin, repent and obey Him.

How then can we expect His blessings?  The only thing we can expect is punishment. 

If you are one of those who trust Him and obey His commands then you can additionally expect protection.  If you are one who thinks that we just have to love Him and have Him in our heart (seriously who came up with that and where in the Bible does it say that?), then well, I don't know what to say to you.  Good luck with that I guess. 

If my son came to me and said, "mom, I love you." and turned around and did something that was wrong and knew that he was disobeying me does he really love me?  No.  Love is an action word.  It means doing something.  By trusting and obeying you are loving.  Without that you are not trusting, obeying or loving Yahweh.

A line has been drawn in the sand.  It is a clear line.  Yahweh knows what side of the line you are on.  Now is the time to make a decision and do whatever it takes to be on His side of the line.  Give it up, once and for all.  It's not easy to follow Yahweh.  It is the absolute hardest thing you will ever do.  When you tell your family, no more Christmas because it is pagan and Yahweh hates it, you will be ridiculed.  I guarantee it. 

Bottom line will you do what Yahweh wants or what you want?  What Yahweh says or what other people say?  What are you going to say to Him when you stand before Him?  What words will you say to try and justify that you did what you wanted instead of what He wanted? 

Jeremiah says that the shepherds (ministers, preachers, priests) are going to pay a high price for not leading the sheep in His ways.  Yet those are the ones we listen to when they tell us we do not have to keep the Law/Commands.  Jeremiah was talking about this time we are in now.  In the last days.  When you follow man's rules instead of Yahweh's law you are held accountable.  Your pastor is not going to be standing next to you in front of Yahweh.  You are the responsible one.

Now is the time.  Make a decision.  Which side of the line are you on?  Are you on the wrong side?  If so, change that TODAY!!  Make a decision - TODAY!! 

Trust and Obey.  Prepare for what is coming.  Repent of your past idolatry and pagan worship.  Turn away from your sin and immerse yourself in the Word.  ASK Him for wisdom and knowledge and understanding in this matter.  He said to Ask and you will Receive.  It does not mean money, or a house, or whatever material thing we might want.  It means wisdom and knowledge and understanding.  When we think we already know it all then we don't ask.  And He doesn't give. 

Ask and you shall receive.  Trust and Obey.  It's your choice!

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jan said...

Kathe. Hi! I do feel sad about those who are the sheperds etc. in the organized religions as they definately will be held accountable. I came out of the Baptist church a bit too late. I had my girls in Baptist private school and church because I thought it was right. I was later led out but now one of my daughters is married to a KJV only Baptist minister for some years now and thinks I am In a cult because I now believe All Scripture is in effect not just the Renewed Covenant. My other daughter wants it her way so she says Scripture dosen't say what it says but what she wants it to say so she isn't held accountable. If you have time please add them to your prayer list.