Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Feast Days of Yahweh - Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread

It is the 6th of April, 2011 as I write this. On the 17th will be Passover. We have already begun planning for this special day and we are so excited for it. Passover is the 14th of Aviv. The month of Aviv is the first month of Yahweh's calendar.

Passover is the beginning of the 7 Set-Apart Feast Days/Times required by Yahweh for His Set-Apart believers to remember and to keep. The 7 Feasts, when put together, tell the story of His redemptive plan for His people, Israel.

We are told by Him to keep the Passover and teach why we keep it to our children. Most Christians today don't keep it and even shy away from those of us who do keep it. We make a point to invite other Christians to the Passover dinner and it always surprises me when they decline. (However these are the same people who if we were having a Halloween costume party would be there in a heartbeat). :(

Passover tells the amazing story of believers in Israel being saved from death - being redeemed. They were told by Yahweh that He was going to go through Egypt and kill all of the firstborn sons. The firstborn sons of the humans and of the animals. Not one would be spared except those who obeyed Him by painting the blood of a lamb on their doorpost. (There is that word "Obey" again)! They couldn't just believe Him, they had to show their belief by the blood. And those that obeyed were spared the agony of death in their household.

Passover also tells the amazing story of our redemption as Israel today. A lamb is not enough to save us; we had to have THE LAMB as a sacrifice. Passover tells us the story of Yahshua, the Messiah. Yahweh, God in the flesh who came to earth as a human to live and then to die for our sins.

When we keep the Passover and eat the meal we talk about these two Passovers and how much they mean to us as believers. We pray that in the final time of trial coming to us that we once again will be "passed over" by our God, Yahweh.

Beginning at sun down at Passover will be the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This is a 7-day feast to Yahweh signifying the Israelites time spent in the desert, wandering because of their sin against Yahweh. What was their sin? Unbelief in Him and His plan for them. He told them to go into Canaan - the promised land - and take it for themselves. They were afraid of the Canaanites and doubted Yahweh. He punished them by keeping them wandering about in the desert until all of the adults had died. Those adults never saw the promised land. All because they did not trust and obey Yahweh. How many Christians today are not going to see the promised land because they don't trust and obey Him?

During Unleavened Bread our family abstains from eating any food with leavening in it. No yeast, baking soda or baking powder. We eat flat breads and refrain from cakes and cookies and pancakes. We do this in remembrance of our ancestors who wandered that desert because of their unbelief and use it to remind ourselves to always trust and obey Him - no matter what.

To be continued.......

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathe, I commend you on all your work here. I saw it initially through a google search on Ellis Skolfield but see maybe you've gone in a different direction with your take on Israel which I've read in detail. I also agree we are descendants of Israel, am out of touch as far as current theological theories of the 'chosen people' and whatnot but with your current direction does your philosophy now negate ES's findings on Daniel and Revelation? If so then I'm curious as to why out of curiosity.

Regardless of our take on origins we can't deny that there's a physical country called Israel right to the date as seen using the ES interpretations. Whether they're usurpers or whatever doesn't matter as we're only saved by the blood of Jesus/Yeshua as there are too many fulfilled prophecies as far as I see it. Interesting to see how the Word takes us all in different directions.