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Israel’s Inheritance - Is it Yours?

Israel’s Inheritance

Just who are God’s People – His Inheritance? Just who is the Bible written to?

The entire Bible is written to a people called Israel. It is not written to anyone else. It is written to and about a set apart people for Yahweh (God) about how they should live their lives so that they serve and honor Him in all that they do. It is a guidebook. It tells Israel how to live, how to interact with the other peoples around them and what is going to happen up until and at the end of this age.

It also tells about Yahweh's enemies. Those enemies are those peoples who are against Him and against His set-apart people, Israel. Some of these people are and have been the Amorites, Edomites, etc. The prophets (people of the Bible who spoke prophecy from Yahweh) tell us that at the Day of the Lord that these peoples will be punished for their evil against Him and against His set apart people.

The forefathers of Israel; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are there for Israel of today to learn from but as with most children we ignore the wise words of our fathers. Jacob (also called Israel) was the father of the Twelve Tribes (12 sons). This is why the nation, the set-apart people, were called Israel. These twelve tribes are in existence today just as they were then. In Revelation we are told about the Twelve Tribes and their role. The prophets, which Messiah Yahshua (Jesus Christ) spoke about and told us to listen to, tell us much about the Twelve Tribes in the end of this age. (The time we are now in).

The prophets also warn us of an evil people called the Edomites. The Edomites come from Esau, who was the brother of Jacob. These Edomites are the arch enemy of Israel. They helped Nebuchadnezzar when he took the tribes of Judah and Benjamin into captivity in the 500's B.C. They took over the land of Israel during that time and filled in the gaps that Israel had left. They became the ruling class of the area (Judea as it was then re-named - which is a variation of the name Edom). They became many of the Pharisee's and Scribes of Jesus' time. They became the "Jews".

A hundred or so years prior to Christ a man named John Hyrcanus made the decree that everyone who lived in the area of Judea would henceforth be called a Jew and adopt the Jewish religion which was based, not on the Bible (Old Testament Holy Scriptures), but would be based on the "oral traditions". This is the Babylonian Talmud, which began in the time of Nimrod and was orally passed from generation to generation. When the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were in Babylon during the captivity along with the Edomites they adopted much of this oral tradition. This is the teachings of man that Yahshua/Jesus ranted against so much.

Beginning just after the Babylonian captivity in about 500 B.C. they began to write down this oral tradition and finished the writings in it about 500 A.D. This is a huge collection of books that the Jews live by. (BTW this is also the road map of the NWO).

The Bible, as I stated above, is written to a certain people, the Israelites, the Twelve Tribes. The Bible doesn't really address any of the other people groups, with the exception of some of the enemies of Yahweh/God. The Twelve Tribes are Yahweh's chosen people. The Jews are not part of the Twelve Tribes. They are a mixed group of peoples whose lineage can be traced to Esau/Edom and to Japeth. There are, of course, some who call themselves Jews who are truly from the Twelve Tribes lineage just because they happen to live or were born into that area called Judea. The apostle Paul was called a Jew simply because he practiced the Jewish religion until he came out of it and believed and followed Yahshua. He was from the tribe of Benjamin, one of the Twelve Tribes.

Esau/Edom will be destroyed in the end of days. They are the enemies of Yahweh. This is foretold by the prophets. Because they are the enemy of Yahweh they should also be the enemy of anyone who says they belong to Yahweh. You cannot have as your friend someone who is an enemy of God. Well, you can but it won't bode well for you in the end. It is wise to know who these Edomites are today - the Jews. They are doing exactly what the Bible tells us they will do and at some point He is going to say, enough is enough. The Bible states that those who do not recognize the Son (Yahshua/Jesus) cannot have the Father. The Jews have never recognized Him. Are we going to go up against God and tell Him that He didn't mean what He said???? We explain it away and say that they just were blinded??? How is it that the chosen people were supposed to go into the world and show the Gospel by their example but the Jews don't do that at all? In fact they hate Jesus. When have they become missionaries? When have they become God's servants? Never. They are Edom - His enemy.

But the "church" will still sit there and mock Moses by saying that the words God spoke to Moses about blessing and cursing belong to the Jews, God's hated enemy. Those words apply to Israel. We are the people who will be blessed by those who bless us and cursed by those who curse us.


The Bible also tells the stories how His people turned away from Him and went to follow the gods of the other peoples and how angry that made Yahweh and what He did to punish them and what He did to redeem them. Several times this pattern happened. Israel is a stiff-necked (stubborn) people and they don't learn from their mistakes. It will take severe punishment and Him showing His Glory to get them on their knees repenting of their sins and turning back to Him. Many won't even then. How do I know? - the Bible tells me so.

DelRayMan - I read the whole Bible. From cover to cover it is filled with Yahweh's Glory and His relationship with His set-apart people. Those Twelve Tribes who were dispersed (James 1:1). Those Twelve Tribes who had their eyes blinded to who they are, their heritage. Those people, who now that we are in the end of days of this age are having their eyes opened to the truth. Those people, who traveled north and west into the desolate land, the land that Yahweh gave to them and the land that they were told they were going by the prophet Nathan to David in II Samuel. A land of unwalled villages and where they would have peace and safety.

That peace and safety is over. The end of this age is upon us. Israel needs to wake up and see who she is and what her heritage is and be ready for the return of her God and King.

If you are of Israel then the time to repent is now. Repent of the sins of idolatry. Repent of living life for yourself instead of for Yahweh. Keep His commands. Trust Him and obey Him. Quit trying to give your birthright away. Be Yahweh's servant. Live for Him only.

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